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Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia

Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia

Pulau Tioman is a duty free island off Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. It is Known as a land of wonder, natural paradise and one of Southeast Asia’s most stunning tourist destination. Located 32 nautical miles off the the mainland, anyway linked with Johor and Pahang via ferry, the island continues astonishing the visitors with its lovely and warm sea shores, stunning seas and rich greenery.

Gazetted as a marine park, the waters are plenteous with coral reefs and marine life. It is perfect for scuba diving and swimming. A great part of the island is covered by rainforest, home to a few endemic untamed life species and appropriate for nature exploration. At last, Pulau Tioman Island draws young voyagers from around the globe.


Travel Information

Pulau Tioman Island has a sweltering and sticky atmosphere, with radiant evenings and cool nights. Temperatures are typically predictable and the quiet climate with incidental showers. The tourist season tops between May and August, when the climate for the most part shows the least precipitation.

The monsoon starts from from October, bringing heavy rainfall and solid waves till January. During this time, ships run once every day, while just a couple of hotels will open at discounted rates. Most villages are connected via speedboat or wilderness trail, which implies guests typically stay at their first ferry stop for the whole outing.

Commercial devlopment at Tioman Island is still comparatively low contrasted with other tourist islands, for example, Langkawi. This limits most significant facilities to Tekek, the biggest village along the west coast that has a bank, landing strip and marina. Since the island is duty free, alcohol is reatively cheap yet constrained at moral rural villages . In future, a second bigger air terminal will be buit at Genting Village.

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