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Things Not to Do in Bangkok

Things Not to Do in Bangkok

You must know which Things Not to Do in Bangkok. Thailand’s way of life is fantastically rich with numerous social desires and normal civilities that may contrast from your nation of origin. Then again, there are some basic pitfalls that is easy to fall into if you are unaware. Take a couple of minutes to review what to avoid from while you’re out in Bangkok – it will make your collaborations with local people easy and guarantee you don’t finish up humiliated and confounded due to a senseless violation of social norms.


Here Are Some Few Things Not to Do in Bangkok


  • When purchasing souvenirs, don’t buy any Buddha idols—it is illegal to take them   out of the nation without going through proper procedures and processes.


  • Don’t step on any coin that has the King’s face on it—you could go to jail for 3-15    years for doing such. Moreover, you should not touch or derision any photos you  see of the King anyplace around the city, nor should you talk severely of him or his family.


  • Don’t carry original passport with you always just photocopy is enough.


  • Don’t wear shorts, croptop, tanktop or skirts while going to temples. wearing shoes inside any temple is prohibited.


  • Don’t sit with your feet pointing towards a Buddha figure when you are in a temple. Also, be sure to keep your hands away from the pictures of Buddha.


  • When you’re in nearness to a picture of the Buddha, don’t welcome another individual with a kiss—it’s deemed disrespectful


  • Don’t pay for a voyage on the Chao Praya River. Rather, take the open water transport (otherwise called “water transports”), which goes a similar course, to set aside extra cash.


  • If you smoke, remember to do as such in reserve spaces explicitly for that reason. In case you’re not cautious about this, you may finish up getting fined.


  • If a taxi’s meter is not working or set, do not get in.You could potentially pay altogether more than the typical cost of the ride.


  • Not taking enough cash from the ATMs. The expenses for ATM exchanges in Thailand prop up year after year. All ATMs presently charge US $6 – 7 for each exchange in addition to whatever foreign exchange fees your bank charges.


  • Don’t forget to stand up amid the Kings Anthem at Movie Theatre.


  • Don’t Touch somebody on the head – according to Thai Buddhist tradition, the head is the highest part of our body and the spot nearest to the heaven. To contact an outsider on the head, even in a cheerful manner, is hostile to numerous Thai individuals and unquestionably not advised.

For more information visit Thailand DMC.