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8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot

8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot

When you think Malacca, very few people think of beaches. Normally people think Nyonya laksa, cendol, and history like none other. It is difficult to find beaches where can easily find a good spot to relax. We will tell you about 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot.

However, driving along its coast – through small villages and past beautiful coasts – it will be an unquestionably more relaxing experience than one can anticipate. Without a doubt, the scenery not exactly like the East Coast, however you will like it if you give it a shot, Malacca’s ideal beaches will astound you.

Here are 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot:

Portuguese Settlement


The Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir is the core of Malacca’s extraordinary Portuguese descended community, known as the Kristang.

It used to be a simple angling village, however it’s the place you can encounter authentic Kristang culture, from fresh sea food to the Branyo dance. Yearly festivals, for example, Festa Senjuang and Festa San Pedro are energetic and lively affairs that you need to see with your own eyes. Its beach is calm and small, and there’s a small shelter for you to sit and watch the waves.

Malacca Straits Mosque


Situated on Pulau Besar, a man-made island simply off the bank of Malacca, the lovely Islamic design of the Malacca Straits Mosque has made it into a prevalent vacation destination. The mosque extends out into the ocean, and amid the high tide, it seems to skim on the water. The sandy shoreline by it is the ideal spot to watch the dusk as the mosque illuminates in bursts of color.


Klebang Sand Dunes


Do you realize what happens when a bunch of sand is dumped on recovered land and left alone? It turns into a vacation spot, obviously! The grandiose sand hills have turned into a magnet for Instagrammers all over Malaysia, because if you get only the correct angle, it resembles that you are in midst of hot, parched desert.


Pantai Puteri & Pantai Kundur


This significant long beach is one of Malacca’s most famous ones, yet there’s a lot of room for everybody. The tree-lined shoreline gives shade to the individuals who do not plan to drench up the sun, and there are few water sports accessible in case you’re so interested.

Walk further up the beach along Pantai Puteri and you’ll go over Pantai Kundur. Guests frequently prefer to give night angling on the kelongs a go.

Tanjung Bidara


Tanjung Bidara is one of preferred beaches, concealed along the coast directly next to Terendak Camp, a military camp in Sungai Udang. The delicate sand is a rosy hue, smooth rocks that you could ascend and sun yourself on.

Pengkalan Balak


Pengkalan Balak’s beach is situated off the main street along a narrow rural street specked with home stays and chalets. It even has a Turtle Information Center, where you can get familiar with hawksbill turtles and the center’s protection efforts. The incubation center is on the beach.

Sungai Tuang


Sungai Tuang’s shoreline is like Pantai Puteri. There’s a walkway adjacent to the beach along with benches so you can go for a walk down the beach without getting sand on your feet. It’s here where you can also find the decent Ice-cream Man selling privately made ice pops that you won’t discover in your routine life.


Fort Supai


This one is a wonderful surprise for you, as you aren’t hoping to come across a beach here. Inquisitive about Fort Supai (otherwise called Kuala Linggi Fort). There wasn’t much at the Dutch fort ruins other than remainders of stairs and walls and two or three cannons. The spot looked in need of some consideration.

You can tramp across a field and go down the stairs, where you will experience the ocean. If you go down to the left of the dirt road then you can find a small beach, where you can watch the sun set and feel the calmness.

Among these 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot, which one you like the most!!

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