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Most Beautiful National Parks in Malaysia

Multicultural Malaysia is home to a dazzling cluster of sights and sounds that will tempt and stunningness any fortunate guest to this delightful tropical nation. Partitioned into two, its domains are part between West Malaysia, or, in other words a peninsula connected to the territory of Asia, and East Malaysiawhich lies on the island of Borneo. Subsequently, it is home to a wide assortment of different biological communities simply holding up to be investigated.

Regardless of whether it is perfect shorelines you are after, the directing nightlife of Malaysia’s clamoring urban areas or even the scrumptious Malay cooking that tempts you; this pearl of a nation has something for everybody to have a great time.

Map of National Parks in Malaysia

With such an abundance of mind boggling things to see and do, it very well may be difficult to pick the ideal schedule. To enable you to choose, here are the most delightful national stops in Malaysia; which are all definitely justified even despite a visit!

12. Gunung Ledang National Park

Gunung Ledang National Park

This beguiling national stop encompasses the overwhelming Mount Ophir which lingers drastically at the core of the wilderness that coats its slants. Fantasies and legends flourish about the birthplaces of the mount’s name and fine fog shrouds the higher domains of its slants, concealing its baffling past close by it. Ways wind their way through the lavish undergrowth ever upwards and the view from the best is amazing as you are welcomed with all encompassing perspectives of the timberland underneath. A wide assortment of birdlife lives in the rich and verdant shades that cover Gunung Ledang National Park. Cascades likewise dab Mount Ophir and a standout amongst the most prominent are the Puteri Waterfalls which offers guests the opportunity to chill after a strenuous trek in its invigorating and inviting pool.

11. Penang National Park

Penang National Park

Situated in the most distant northwest of the nation, Penang National Park has an enormous scope of exercises on offer for visitors to appreciate. A biodiversity hotspot, the recreation center is home to a shocking cluster of fauna and greenery that coat and cover each accessible surface. With delightful shorelines in abundance and fun and wild treks through the thick woods; there really is something for everybody in this stunning national stop. Regardless of whether it is relaxing on the abandoned shorelines, taking a vessel excursion to wonder about the fish beneath or setting up camp to remain the night, Penang is an asylum of peace and quiet which will unquestionably relieve your spirit. Inside the limits of the recreation center lies a Canopy Walk which offers you the opportunity to understand the backwoods from with a better point of view as you stroll along the shaky walkways fifteen meters over the ground.

10. Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park

Named after two waterways that course through it, Endau-Rompin National Park is covered in perfect tropical rainforest that makes for some superb trekking. This antiquated scene that goes back nearly 240 million years is well worth investigating on your visit to Malaysia due its lovely landscape that resemble something out of Jurassic Park. Streams, pools and cascades dab the recreation center’s premises and unearthing them after a tiring trek through the rainforest is a life-changing inclination. With the second most elevated top in Malaysia, this national stop has a bounty of common ponders that will amaze and stunningness you with their superbness. Gradually meandering along the ways that are overshadowed by the tremendous trees on either side is a freeing knowledge as you feel free and liberated, alone in nature.

9. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

An unspoiled heaven, the five islands that make up Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park are basically divine. Speeding through the wonderful blues waters to the islands, you can be excused for envisioning that you are wandering off in fantasy land such is its quality. Fluctuating in size, the majority of the islands have beautiful shorelines to unwind on and the encompassing coral reefs make for some incredible swimming and scuba plunging. In spite of the fact that the recreation center can become busy, this just exhibits its prominence and vouches for the amazing attractions on show. The lavish verdant woodlands that gradually offer approach to astonishing white shorelines that slip into the waters around them make these islands an absolute necessity find in Malaysia.

8. Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National ParkDespite the fact that it is little in stature, Lambir Hills National Park certainly punches over its weight with regards to all that is has on offer. A biodiversity hotspot that is home to a veritable zoological garden of creatures and flying creatures both substantial and little, this stop is ideal for nature darlings who will worship all that there is to see and do. Trails and ways wonderfully weave their way through the undergrowth of the woodland and, in the shade of the shelter above, winged creatures and monkeys play in the midst of the foliage. With the trees coming to up to eighty meters in tallness, you some of the time feel predominated by the abusive backwoods that trims in surrounding you. To feel a breeze on your skin and getaway from transcending trees, make for the most astounding point in the recreation center, Bukit Lambir, which likewise presents some astonishing perspectives. With cascades and detached pools scattered around the recreation center, there are an abundance of wonderful sights to disclosure in the flawless and quiet Lambir Hills.

7. Similajau National Park

Similajau National Park

Situated on the bank of the island of Borneo, this national stop is a superb mix of various assorted environments and has a tremendous list of various exercises for guests to browse. Regardless of whether you are a devoted birdwatcher, a climbing fan or enthusiastic about swimming; the offices on offer are bewildering and accordingly every guest is allowed to seek after their favored distraction however they see fit. Dazzling shorelines line the shore and thick invulnerable wilderness raises up until the point that the sand keeps it from infringing further. Take to the water and appreciate an essential watercraft trip; glancing back at the drift will offer you a mind boggling scene of this wonderful stretch of coastline. Around evening time, gutsy guests can sanction a vessel to share in some crocodile locating!

6. Niah National Park

Niah National Park

Amazing! This great national stop is well worth visiting for the awesome holes contained inside its limits. The complex of caverns has indications of human residence going back more than 40,000 years and all things considered it is a critical archeological site in Malaysia. Earthenware, tomahawks, adornments and different apparatuses from over the centuries have been found inside the hollows vouching for their dependable interest to people as a place for sanctuary and assurance. The holes themselves are shocking to investigate and the particular topographical arrangements are glorious to see. Outside, the flourishing fauna and verdure stops all of a sudden before the shade of the holes unfit to proceed with their development. The juxtaposition of the warm and inviting life-filled woodlands with the disheartening and cool holes makes Niah National Park an extraordinary place to visit.

5. Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park

Otherworldly to see, the thick and abusive foliage of the wilderness sews in on either side of you before offering approach to stunning perspectives of the encompassing region as you achieve one of the recreation center’s elevated pinnacles. The rocky zone has various cascades and streams tucked away among its backwoods and these offer guests a reviving break after the strenuous treks. While the grand stop is well worth visiting in itself, the fundamental draw for guests are the mind blowing rafflesia; the world’s biggest bloom. These enormous and one of a kind blossoms are exceptional to see and are the undoubted feature of Gunung Gading National Park.

4. Bako National Park

Bako National Park

With wonderful and particular shake arrangements and ocean curves turning their way up out of the water, Bako National Park is home to some completely superb sights that give a false representation of its little size. The winding ways of the recreation center advance through various dazzling scenes that are simply holding up to be investigated as thick rainforest, immaculate shorelines and staggering cascades make up only a portion of its beautiful perspectives. Just open by vessel, the voyage and landing in the extraordinary and isolated shoreline of Bako make this national stop definitely justified even despite a visit.

3. Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park

A standout amongst the most vital biodiversity hotspots on the planet, Kinabalu has a spectacular scope of fauna and greenery for guests to delight in. With more than 4500 unique composes on show, the bounty of life springs out at you from each side and in the thick undergrowth the stirs and developments of its hid winged creatures and creatures can be heard. Named after the mountain that gave it its name, Kinabalu is really the tallest mountain on the island remaining at more than 4000 meters in stature. Regardless of being a standout amongst the most prominent stops in Malaysia, the national stop is brilliantly immaculate and immaculate.

2. Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara has everything. Regardless of whether you are after life-changing climbing, loosening up angling or finding out about the nearby culture; this national stop truly has something for everybody. With one of the most established tropical rainforests on the planet, its fauna and vegetation radiate a sentiment of agelessness that saturates everything, backing off time and giving you more vital minutes to appreciate the recreation center. For an excellent perspective of the woodland beneath, walk problematically along the limited shade walk that stretches between the trees and conceals itself among the encompassing foliage. Wandering its woodlands down underneath are savage Malayan Tigers, cryptic Asian elephants and the subtle Malayan gaur; which are all ensured inside the limits of the recreation center. A fantastic method to spend an evening is to take to the Tembeling River and float your way through the rainforest, looking at all of the regular ponder before you. Quiet and unwinding, Taman Negara should be experienced to be comprehended.

1. Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

Named after the great Mount Mulu, this national stop is remarkable for the abundance of astounding view and shocking scenes on show. Remote and generally distant, the main approaches to achieve it are via plane or by riverboat; it doesn’t make a difference how you arrive similarly as long as you do! The old karst arrangements are what Gunung Mulu National Park is fundamentally known as throughout the centuries they have hurled a mind boggling exhibit of astonishing rock developments. With natural hollows, bluffs and gulches astoundingly carving their way through the undergrowth of the recreation center, the view basically should be believed to be accepted. Immense caverns dab the zone and in undeniable reality Sarawak Chamber is the biggest known chamber on the planet. Extending everlastingly, the psyche boggles at its giant size. Hypnotizing and extraordinary, this national stop in Malaysia is certainly worth the effort!


Malaysia is a most loved among open air fans for its wildernesses, untamed life and terrific nature. We round up the best five wilderness treks in Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, from heading profound into the rainforest and scaling mountains, to climbing in the cooler good countries.

Cooler trips in the Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Cameron Highlands sits in Pahang at a height between 800 meters (2,625 feet) and 1,600 meters (5,249 feet) above ocean level. The cooler air temperature has driven tourism since pilgrim days as vacationers run to maintain a strategic distance from the smothering warmth of the swamps. Climbing ways transverse the good countries offering a portion of the more agreeable wilderness treks in Malaysia.

Guests can follow trails ranging from short restful strolls in the rainforest or through tea ranches, to testing trips to achieve cascades or scaling Mount Berembun. First-time climbers who aren’t acclimated with the warmth and moistness ought to consider climbing in the Cameron Highlands for their wilderness encounter.

Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar,Waterfalls at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Easy-to-reach jungle treks at Templer Park, Selangor

For a more open wilderness trek in Malaysia, make a beeline for Templer Park, roughly 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur in Rawang, Selangor. Templer Park, named after a previous British High Commissioner in British Malaya, gives simple climbing trails passing clear streams and multi-layered cascades. Most courses take somewhere in the range of one and two hours to finish. Fortunate voyagers may see falcons, reptiles and a few types of winged animals and in addition many monkeys. Expert tip: Templer Park sits a couple of kilometers north of Batu hollows; consolidate both on multi day trip.

Templer Park's waterfall at Rawang, Selangor

Test perseverance at Mount Datuk, Negeri Sembilan

Mount Datuk, or Gunung Datuk in Bahasa Malaysia, achieves a tallness of 885 meters (2,904 feet) in Sembilan, around 110 kilometers (68 miles) south of Kuala Lumpur. A lofty begin gets dynamically simpler after the initial couple of hundred meters. A few checkpoints and rest stations make the ascension more reasonable and give a helpful spot to rest. Red bolts painted onto the stones call attention to the course, which makes getting lost relatively incomprehensible. A goliath shake denotes the summit associated with the trail by stepping stools joined to the stone face. The Straits of Melaka can be seen seemingly within easy reach on a cloudless day, however don’t set expectations too high. Climbers need to bring a lot of nourishment and water as they finish the four to five-hour trek; none is accessible on the mountain.


Head deep into Danum Valley’s rainforest, Sabah

Need to investigate and climb in essential rainforest where just a couple of advantaged people have ventured? Head to Danum Valley in East Sabah, situated more than 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) from the closest town in the core of the wilderness. The 130-million-year-old dipterocarp timberland covers an aggregate of 438 square kilometers. A few sections stay unmapped and unexplored right up ’til today. An on location look into office draws in researchers from around the globe to examine the a great many types of verdure including wild orangutans, obfuscated panthers and dwarf elephants. Aides take guests on a portion of the best wilderness treks in Malaysia through the thick backwoods, along shade strolls and looking for natural life. For the ultimate ecotourist involvement in Borneo, remain for a couple of evenings at Danum Valley’s lodging, campground, or spend lavishly on a private cabin.

Danum Valley panorama sunrise, Sabah, Borneo

Search for proboscis monkeys at Bako National Park, Sarawak

Bako National Park covers around 27 square kilometers of the Muara Tebas Peninsular in Sarawak. Found only 26 kilometers (16.2 miles) upper east of Kuching, this is one of the more open national stops in Malaysia. An aggregate of 16 shading coded trails going from 0.5 kilometers (0.31 miles) to six kilometers (3.7 miles), take explorers through the rainforest scenes. Culture Trip suggests the Lintang Loop, which goes through all the national stop’s vegetation and biological communities and takes four hours to finish. Guests first need to get to Bako Market and afterward take a speedboat (30 minutes) to Bako National Park HQ. On location settlement incorporates chalets, hotels, inns and outdoors offices.

Proboscis monkey, Bako National Park, Malaysia

Borneo jungle, Bako National park, Malaysia