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5 Less crowded tourist places in Malaysia

5 Less crowded tourist places in Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers, Chinatown, Batu Caves, Langkawi Island, Malacca and Penang. Some of you may have definitely known a few (or all) of these spots. However, in case you’re searching for spots that are less explored by voyagers, here are 5 Less crowded tourist places in Malaysia to add to your list of must-visit travel places.

1. Batang Ai, Sarawak

Batang Ai National Park

Batang Ai National Park

This is among less crowded tourist places in Malaysia as it is in a remote area in Sarawak. Sarawak itself is certainly not a famous travel destination in the first place. In case you’re a nature lover, you’ll certainly cherish Batang Ai.

Experience Borneo Rain forest while you’re there. Remember to visit the Orang Iban longhouses as well. They’re one of the last of their kinds. For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the Iban community, this is your opportunity to become acquainted with them and their enduring culture.

Batang Ai additionally is full of flora and fauna that will intrigue you. The perfect clean rivers and rich jungles are likewise its principle features. Truth be told, the Batang Ai National Park is home to Borneo’s endangered Orangutans.

2. Broga Hill, Selangor

Broga Hill, Selangor

Broga Hill, Selangor

This hill may not be popularized by foreign guests, however it’s as of now a generally discussed tourist place among Malaysians. Despite the fact that it isn’t difficult to climb, it is still a hill worth the visit. And the beautiful scene from the hilltop will mesmerize you.

To go there, you’ll need your very own vehicle. There’s no entrance fee for the place .
From that point, you’ll have to stroll around 1 mile before you reach the ridge. That is approximately a 30 – 40-minute walk. A great many people go there to get a view on its excellent dawn and dusk. Still it is among less crowded tourist places in Malaysia.

Climbing there during rainy season isn’t suggested as the greater part of the unpaved grounds will in general be extremely dangerous. One thing is guaranteed that the view at the highest point of the slope is astonishing. There’s additionally a close-by mountain for you to visit, called Gunung Tok Wan.

3. Chini Lake, Pahang

Chini Lake, Pahang

Chini Lake, Pahang

Around 62 miles from Kuantan is the place you’ll discover Lake Chini, a lake formed by a few joining lakes, with an intriguing legend. It is believed that there was at one time an ocean serpent lives in one of the lakes. The animal was known as ‘Laut Gumun’.

Other than Laut Gumun, local people likewise believe that there is a sunken city there called as Khmer City. Regardless of whether it’s actual or not, the story was captivating enough to cause archeologists to go there for an examination (to check whether the legend is indeed true or not).

Regardless of whether you have no expectation in finding the puzzling animal, you can go there for different exercises, for example, angling, wilderness trekking, and camping. You can likewise pay the Orang Asli (indigenous individuals) town a visit.

4. Madai Waterfall, Sabah

Madai Waterfall, Sabah

Madai Waterfall, Sabah

A standout amongst the best cascades in Malaysia is situated in one of the less crowded tourist places in Malaysia. The Madai Waterfall in Kunak (a community in Lahad Datu), Sabah, is a 40-meter cascade that can be found at the Madai Baturong Nature Center which is overseen by the Sabah Forestry Department. Since its opening in 1999, the site has gotten numerous international visits.

That being stated, you may imagine that the Madai Waterfall is a famous tourist destination. It’s a profoundly suggested spot of visit in Sabah. Tragically, it isn’t famously evaluated or considered as one of the top tourist places in Malaysia. In the event that you have the chance to visit the cascade, take a dip and appreciate the rich wildernesses around you.

5. Bau, Sarawak

Blue Lake, Bau

Blue Lake, Bau

On the off chance that Bau was as yet an incredible mining town as it used to be, perhaps more individuals would have effectively found out about the superb, calm spot. You won’t generally observe visitors meandering around there.

Getting to the town isn’t difficult as there are open transports accessible. However, I’ll need to warn you that it is not reliable. The greater part of local people move around by their very own vehicle. In the event that you would prefer not to go by transport, you can get a private van or lease a vehicle from Kuching.

There are few fascinating destinations to visit there, including the Wind Cave and the Fairy Cave. Try not to miss the Blue Lake close Bau Town as well. It’s delightful!

A large portion of the general population living in Bau are the Bidayuh (Land Dayak) individuals. You can get familiar with their way of life and culture at Bung Bratak, a Bidayuh early settlement which is considered as a historical place to the Bidayuh people group in Bau.

On the off chance that you’ll be around during the ends of the week, go to the Serikin Market where you can purchase a wide range of modest family unit things, gifts, and neighborhood crafted works.
On the off chance that you’ll be around during the ends of the week, go to the Serikin Market where you can purchase a wide range of household things, gifts, and local crafted works.

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6 Water Sports you must try In Malaysia

6 Water Sports you must try In Malaysia

Do you love water sports? If yes then you will surely enjoy the exciting and energizing water sports in Malaysia. From wonderful beaches with extraordinary waves, you can enjoy the best of water sports in Malaysia that your heart desires. From rafting to scuba diving to parasailing, appreciate all sort of water sports on a coastline of about 4,700 kms and a warm tropical atmosphere that makes Malaysia, the ideal place for the individuals who love water sports. We will tell you about 6 Water Sports you must try In Malaysia.


6 Water Sports you must try In Malaysia

Here is a look at the top water sports to get your adrenaline pumping when you are in Malaysia.


1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving


A standout amongst the most well known water-based activity in Malaysia is scuba diving. It is a must do activity while you are on your vacation. It is the ideal way to cool off and explore the astonishing marine life. If you want to go scuba diving in Malaysia, then you are very lucky as it has eminent spots known for their biodiversity. Remember that scuba diving is an exercise you can enjoy any time in the year in this nation. However the seasons do vary from area to area.


2. Parasailing




While it isn’t typical water sport, numerous individuals still love going parasailing when they visit shorelines in Malaysia. It is an opportunity to fly like a kite while being joined to a parachute that is attached to a boat. It is an exciting action that is unquestionably not for the people with weak heart. If you need to go parasailing in Malaysia, try to pick approved operators.


3. Wakeboarding




On the off chance that you want to enjoy the most prominent water sport at the present time, wakeboarding is the ideal one to pick. Malaysia is an extraordinary spot for this thrilling and exciting activity due to its perfect beaches. It is the one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. This is one you should try if you love an adrenaline rush.


4. Jet Skiing


Jet Ski


This is a fun way to invest time and energy in the water. You can speed along the waves with the breeze in your hair. It is a thrilling activity that you won’t feel while doing other activity. If you want to enjoy water sports in Malaysia shorelines, you must try jet skiing. You will discover many spots that offer jet ski rentals and even classes via prepared and experienced experts. There are even jet ski tours in which you can proceed to explore the Malay islands, beach front mangrove forests and go bird watching at Singa Besar Island.


5. Surfing




Individuals from throughout the world visit Malaysia to catch a few waves for the best surfing experience. The east shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia may not be the best spot to go for touring excursions, and a few sections may even be shut for travelers because of heavy rainfall. However, this is the point at which the surf is up and surfers run to this area for insane waves and surfing competition. To enjoy the water sports in Malaysia, have a go at surfing!


6. Kayaking




For the individuals who like something slow paced instead of adrenaline rushing water sports, you ought to go kayaking on the waters of Malaysia’s shorelines. It is an activity for the active and because kayaking requires lot of paddling. This is a fun activity that is a change from the fast water sports that everybody is taking part in. You can advance toward sublime areas and explore the gems that Malaysia’s islands and archipelagos bring to the table.

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8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot

8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot

When you think Malacca, very few people think of beaches. Normally people think Nyonya laksa, cendol, and history like none other. It is difficult to find beaches where can easily find a good spot to relax. We will tell you about 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot.

However, driving along its coast – through small villages and past beautiful coasts – it will be an unquestionably more relaxing experience than one can anticipate. Without a doubt, the scenery not exactly like the East Coast, however you will like it if you give it a shot, Malacca’s ideal beaches will astound you.

Here are 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot:

Portuguese Settlement


The Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir is the core of Malacca’s extraordinary Portuguese descended community, known as the Kristang.

It used to be a simple angling village, however it’s the place you can encounter authentic Kristang culture, from fresh sea food to the Branyo dance. Yearly festivals, for example, Festa Senjuang and Festa San Pedro are energetic and lively affairs that you need to see with your own eyes. Its beach is calm and small, and there’s a small shelter for you to sit and watch the waves.

Malacca Straits Mosque


Situated on Pulau Besar, a man-made island simply off the bank of Malacca, the lovely Islamic design of the Malacca Straits Mosque has made it into a prevalent vacation destination. The mosque extends out into the ocean, and amid the high tide, it seems to skim on the water. The sandy shoreline by it is the ideal spot to watch the dusk as the mosque illuminates in bursts of color.


Klebang Sand Dunes


Do you realize what happens when a bunch of sand is dumped on recovered land and left alone? It turns into a vacation spot, obviously! The grandiose sand hills have turned into a magnet for Instagrammers all over Malaysia, because if you get only the correct angle, it resembles that you are in midst of hot, parched desert.


Pantai Puteri & Pantai Kundur


This significant long beach is one of Malacca’s most famous ones, yet there’s a lot of room for everybody. The tree-lined shoreline gives shade to the individuals who do not plan to drench up the sun, and there are few water sports accessible in case you’re so interested.

Walk further up the beach along Pantai Puteri and you’ll go over Pantai Kundur. Guests frequently prefer to give night angling on the kelongs a go.

Tanjung Bidara


Tanjung Bidara is one of preferred beaches, concealed along the coast directly next to Terendak Camp, a military camp in Sungai Udang. The delicate sand is a rosy hue, smooth rocks that you could ascend and sun yourself on.

Pengkalan Balak


Pengkalan Balak’s beach is situated off the main street along a narrow rural street specked with home stays and chalets. It even has a Turtle Information Center, where you can get familiar with hawksbill turtles and the center’s protection efforts. The incubation center is on the beach.

Sungai Tuang


Sungai Tuang’s shoreline is like Pantai Puteri. There’s a walkway adjacent to the beach along with benches so you can go for a walk down the beach without getting sand on your feet. It’s here where you can also find the decent Ice-cream Man selling privately made ice pops that you won’t discover in your routine life.


Fort Supai


This one is a wonderful surprise for you, as you aren’t hoping to come across a beach here. Inquisitive about Fort Supai (otherwise called Kuala Linggi Fort). There wasn’t much at the Dutch fort ruins other than remainders of stairs and walls and two or three cannons. The spot looked in need of some consideration.

You can tramp across a field and go down the stairs, where you will experience the ocean. If you go down to the left of the dirt road then you can find a small beach, where you can watch the sun set and feel the calmness.

Among these 8 tranquil beaches in Malacca where you can easily find good spot, which one you like the most!!

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Things to do in Rawa Island

Things to do in Rawa Island

There are many Things to do in Rawa Island. The best kept secret of the Malaysian archipelago, Rawa Island provides the most beautiful beach and holiday environment that appeal to the tourists of all age group. Owned by Johor Sultanate, Rawa Island lies on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula.

Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water from all sides, white powdery beach and forest vegetation inland, the tourism in Rawa Island has been enhanced by the two small resorts that has made it to be a perfect weekend getaway. Now, it is becoming increasingly popular not just among the Malays but also among the international tourists.

Few Things To Do in Rawa Island are:

1. Take a walk

The completely natural condition, the fresh salty air, the calming green and turquoise blue all around makes it the most magnificent and beautiful place. The limited span of the beach makes it easy to stroll from one end of the shoreline to the opposite end just by walk. There is no need for any transportation. You can climb up few of the lofty peaks by foot as the majority of the cliffs are not accessible on account of the thick vegetation that covers the greater part of the island.

The eastern side of the island is set apart by steep and out of reach cliffs while the opposite side exhibits the most pleasant picturesque view on the Johor coast and other little islands of Johor.


2. Snorkeling


The western shoreline is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. The swimming gears are accessible on lease from the resorts. The north to south stretch is rich with magnificent coral as well as many tropical fish species. Snorkeling & Swimming in Rawa Island is a standout amongst the most recommended activities as it is an incredible chance to explore the charming underwater life. You get the opportunity to see beautiful fishes of different colors and reefs under the turquoise blue waters of the sea. The experience is just stunning.


3. Beach Volleyball

The resorts on the Island make arrangements for Beach Volleyball. It is the ideal set up for a corporate excursion or a get-away with friends and family. The island has significantly less distraction and a lot of sun, sand and water. This is the best environment for bonding with one another over different games and natural beauty. Have a good time on the island by playing a friendly match with your friends or family, whomever you are visiting with. It is the most ideal approach to relax on the island.


4. Enjoy Local Cuisine

The eateries at the resorts give the best of the nearby local cuisine however at an exceptional cost. The fundamental features incorporate a great deal of grill sea food and local flavors joined by a portion of the exotic alcohol. Not only local food styles, these resorts also provide International cusine. Remember to try Rawa Fish Special which is a well known delicacy here.


5. Relaxing By The Sea

The most ideal way to calm is to sit by the ocean and watch the waves coming towards the shore. You are far from the hustle of the city life in the lap of nature. You can spend quality time with companions, family or spend alone time. The resort island is best for a lone traveler as well as groups.

How To Get To Rawa Island

A 30 minutes boat ride or 60 minutes in ship ride from Mersing takes you to the Rawa Island. The ships and vessels make many trips amid the peak season that is between April to October. For the remainder of the years, there are just a couple of rides for each day.

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Mangrove Forest is an Amazing Experience

Mangrove Forest is an Amazing Experience

Mangrove Forest is an Amazing Experience and you will all agree when you visit it.

A Geo-park is a worldwide acknowledged geological area recognized by UNESCO to point out to wonderful and important area in the world.

The island of Langkawi, Malaysia is home to 3 beautiful Geo-parks – a guarantee that it has probably the most wonderful and dazzling scenes on the planet!

Getaway in the miracles of quiet surroundings exceptional to this side of the world  on a visit to Langkawi’s coastal mangrove forest. This tour takes you from a fishing village through a abundance of natural beauty when you explore the best sights of the islands.

Thick tropical mangroves follow twisting waterways all through the upper east district of Langkawi, Malaysia. Here you can find many operators offering sightseeing to get up close and personal with the island’s natural beauty.

You may think that the water is muddy and dirty. But it is just the reflection from the mountains. When you scoop up some water in water bottle or in some vessel, you will find it crystal clear. That is the work of the mangroves. Pretty impressive! Visit Malaysia DMC for more information.

Pick up facility is also available by the operator, after pick up you have to go through a village and meet a captain for the journey into the  mangrove forest.

As you sail past limestone caves and hidden canyons. Look out for monkeys, kingfishers, big lizards, and mud crabs. Get an opportunity to see 3 rare types of eagles being fed for a photo scene not to be missed.

After taking a delicious meal, you can visit a nearby beautiful white sandy beach for some loosening up time before tour ends. Make sure you take lots of photos on this tour, which is one of the most scenic parts of the world.



Main Attractions.


  • Natural wonders at Langkawi’s coastal mangrove forest
  • Pleasing boat journey from the fishing village of Tanjung Rhu
  • Incredible greenery, limestone caves & hidden canyons
  • Chance of seeing three different species of eagles being fed
  • Luxurious seafood lunch at popular Fish Farm Restaurant


For information visit Malaysia DMC.

The Sea Gypsies Of Malaysia

The Sea Gypsies Of Malaysia


Frequent visitors to the rig will mostly look into the distance and see network of individuals who live on the sandbanks around the rig. Generally known as ‘sea gypsies’, or ‘Bajau Laut’ or The Sea Gypsies Of Malaysia.

These communities are discovered living in stilt huts and boats, called  as ‘lepa lepa’, across the Celebes Sea. Around they are estimated to be roughly 3000 Bajau Laut, and they form the 2nd largest ethnic group in Sabah, Malaysia

They reside in sizeable minorities living around the towns of Kudat and Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia.

Numerous individuals within these communities pursue a nomadic lifestyle with customs and stories go from age to age orally. A decreasing number will never set foot on land.


Families and lifestyle


Bajau Laut support themselves from the sea. Some are master free divers and anglers with their kids having their ear drums pierced so that they don’t burst when they are diving or spearfishing further in their life.

Numerous Bajau Laut have physically adjusted to immense and repeated free diving and are able to see further in underwater, and stay submerged for extensive stretches of time.

Historically, some Bajau Laut have engaged in destructive fishing techniques. However recently, they are encouraging more sustainable fishing techniques among Bajau Laut communities.

For those Bajau Laut who pursue old traditional lifestyle, a single family often live on a houseboat. The houseboats are mostly anchor at fixed points (usually of cultural significance or near fresh water) which are directed over by an elder.

Generally they will not sail more than 40 KM from their ‘home’ anchor point. Extended families will live on flotillas of houseboats and meet up together during fishing expeditions and ceremonies.

Bajau Laut has a complex and mind boggling relationship with the ocean. Some believe that the currents, tides, reefs and mangroves contain spirits, while others pursue the Islamism.

So, on your next adventure to or from the rig, or as you sip a drink from the sundeck and look out into the distance and see tiny communities living on the sea, we hope to have provided a small amount of information that helps explain who those people are.

They are ‘The Sea Gypsies Of Malaysia’.


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Home to thousands of plants and animals. Malaysia is also home of many bird species. Hence Malaysia is the preferred Birding destination for many tourists as well as locals.

Bird-watching or Birding is the viewing of live birds in their natural habitat which is in the wild, or in their improvised habitats in urban and sub-urban areas. It becomes a popular pastime and scientific sport in 20th century.

Birding involves identifying birds and recognizing birds and understanding their conducts. This fascinating hobby is turning into a popular pastime enjoyed by both young and old alike.

Malaysia is the home for thousands of  beautiful birds. Watching and analyzing their behavior in the wild is an amazing experience isn’t it.

One of the oldest rainforest flora in the world is in Malaysia, it also has one of the best-managed forests. Because of human intervention and various natural disasters, the natural resources of entire world is depleting rapidly. Which makes Malaysia’s natural heritage unique.

Not only bird watcher but entrepreneurs and other trade practitioner can also contact Malaysia tourism to participate in the British Bird Watching Fair, Rutland, United Kingdom held annually.


Bird Watching Destinations In Malaysia.

  • Fraser’s Hill, Pahang
  • Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor (KNSP)
  • Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary, Melaka
  • Panti Bird Sanctuary, Johor
  • Taman Rimba Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi Island, Kedah
  • Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak
  • Taman Negara Park, across Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu
  • Perlis State Park, Perlis
  • Kinabalu Park, Sabah
  • Bako National Park, Sarawak


Visit any of these places and share your experience with us.

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Hiking In Pine Tree Trail

Hiking In Pine Tree Trail (Bukit Fraser)

Pine Tree Trail in Fraser’s Hill is one of the longest and challenging trail. It was begun amid the British era to access the mountain top that commanded a mesmerizing view of Fraser’s Hill and the surrounding areas.

The name is inspired by the coniferous plants which are used to be found in the peak of Pine Tree Hills. These trees were only found in Malaysia past days. Now all are vanished from the peak today.

The Pine Tree trail head can be started from the end of the High Pines road, just before the cabin after Seri Intan. Pine Tree Hill is a 1,500 meter high mountain above sea level which sits in Bukit Fraser.  The trail is approximately 5.5 km long, and it is very challenging and hardest trekking trail in Fraser’s Hill.

In general people take on an average 7-9 hours to trek till the peak and come back. The trail twists here and there over a few tops and edges before hitting the pinnacle.

This trail offers explorers and hikers to test their strength, toughness, adaptability and remunerate them as a reward in terms of different beautiful flora and fauna in lower montane forest. It is start of Mossy forest .

Many trees of mossy forest are even more than 20m in height and mosses cover the trees and there are many dead logs along the pathway.

This zone is classified as lower montane. Generally height of trees varies between 1100-1600m, mosses are very small, delicate plants that are normally 1- 12cm tall however few species are bigger.

When you reach the peak, the view is astonishing. The surrounding view of forests and mountains on clear days feels like heaven. It feels like you are watching a beautiful landscape painting.



Tips For Trekkers

  • Don’t go by your own, be in a group;
  • Take mobile and torch with you;
  • Smoking and camping are not allowed;
  • Inform your hotel about your trekking plan and expected return time;
  • Dress suitably(Jacket, shoes, full sleeve shirts);
  • Carry sufficient amount of food and drinking water


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