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Rawa Island

Things to do in Rawa Island

Things to do in Rawa Island

There are many Things to do in Rawa Island. The best kept secret of the Malaysian archipelago, Rawa Island provides the most beautiful beach and holiday environment that appeal to the tourists of all age group. Owned by Johor Sultanate, Rawa Island lies on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula.

Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water from all sides, white powdery beach and forest vegetation inland, the tourism in Rawa Island has been enhanced by the two small resorts that has made it to be a perfect weekend getaway. Now, it is becoming increasingly popular not just among the Malays but also among the international tourists.

Few Things To Do in Rawa Island are:

1. Take a walk

The completely natural condition, the fresh salty air, the calming green and turquoise blue all around makes it the most magnificent and beautiful place. The limited span of the beach makes it easy to stroll from one end of the shoreline to the opposite end just by walk. There is no need for any transportation. You can climb up few of the lofty peaks by foot as the majority of the cliffs are not accessible on account of the thick vegetation that covers the greater part of the island.

The eastern side of the island is set apart by steep and out of reach cliffs while the opposite side exhibits the most pleasant picturesque view on the Johor coast and other little islands of Johor.


2. Snorkeling


The western shoreline is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. The swimming gears are accessible on lease from the resorts. The north to south stretch is rich with magnificent coral as well as many tropical fish species. Snorkeling & Swimming in Rawa Island is a standout amongst the most recommended activities as it is an incredible chance to explore the charming underwater life. You get the opportunity to see beautiful fishes of different colors and reefs under the turquoise blue waters of the sea. The experience is just stunning.


3. Beach Volleyball

The resorts on the Island make arrangements for Beach Volleyball. It is the ideal set up for a corporate excursion or a get-away with friends and family. The island has significantly less distraction and a lot of sun, sand and water. This is the best environment for bonding with one another over different games and natural beauty. Have a good time on the island by playing a friendly match with your friends or family, whomever you are visiting with. It is the most ideal approach to relax on the island.


4. Enjoy Local Cuisine

The eateries at the resorts give the best of the nearby local cuisine however at an exceptional cost. The fundamental features incorporate a great deal of grill sea food and local flavors joined by a portion of the exotic alcohol. Not only local food styles, these resorts also provide International cusine. Remember to try Rawa Fish Special which is a well known delicacy here.


5. Relaxing By The Sea

The most ideal way to calm is to sit by the ocean and watch the waves coming towards the shore. You are far from the hustle of the city life in the lap of nature. You can spend quality time with companions, family or spend alone time. The resort island is best for a lone traveler as well as groups.

How To Get To Rawa Island

A 30 minutes boat ride or 60 minutes in ship ride from Mersing takes you to the Rawa Island. The ships and vessels make many trips amid the peak season that is between April to October. For the remainder of the years, there are just a couple of rides for each day.

For more information visit Malaysia DMC.