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3 Fun Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

3 Fun Things to do in Kuala Lumpur besides shopping at Ramadan bazaars

It’s critical to save vitality amid Ramadan. All things considered, it’s no reason for you to simply remain at home this month. This is really the best time to look at a few of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur as it’s low season and there will be lesser crowd than usual!

We have made a list of three spots to have some good times with your family and companions, without applying an excessive amount of vitality. They are all inside, so you can visit them no matter what. Read below.


3 Fun Things to do in Kuala Lumpur


1. Bake kuih raya at 123 Bake

Kuih raya

Kuih raya

Since Raya is practically around the corner, why not take up a baking class so that you can awe your visitors with some homemade kuih raya this year?

Equipped with various types of baking appliances, this kitchen has all that you need to learn baking. Browse 40 plans for sweet pastries including chocolate brownie, Japanese cheddar tart, or chiffon cake. Baking First-time? No stresses! The DIY baking class is made overly simple with instructional recordings played all throughout the lesson. Missed a few directions? Don’t worry, you can playback the video for the same number of times you need.


2. Museum of Illusions, Bukit Bintang

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Situated at Ansa Hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang, this museum has in excess of 70 shows intended to boggle the brain.

Our most loved is the, Vortex Tunnel, in which the pivoting chamber that you’ll be strolling through seems to thump you off your feet, regardless of you standing on a totally steady and level surface.

What about transforming into a giant or seeing your companion shrivel into a little dwarf? The Ames Room’s stunning visual contortions will make you chuckle with your companions with delight and disbelief.


3. Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

Upside Down House

Upside Down House

The Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House is simply outside the Kuala Lumpur Tower. It is the most recent and greatest Upside Down House in Malaysia following comparable forms in Sabah, Penang, Melaka and Port Dickson. The interesting looking house comprises of rooms with everything inside turned upside down. Indeed, even the outside resembles it’s been flipped over.

Enjoy the house and take many funny pictures. The staff would even suggest new postures to give it a shot and be your picture taker.

For more information visit Malaysia DMC.

Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places

Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places, Kuala Lumpur is an advanced and forceful city. Its horizon is overwhelmed by the smooth, smooth, glittery glass of high rises. The city is home to the tallest twin towers on the planet and additionally glass-and-steel structures decorated with Islamic themes. What’s more, underneath the transcending may of every one of these structures stews a city brimming with culture, shading and mystique.

The old city of Kuala Lumpur can in any case be found in the modernization. The lanes buzz with the vitality of vendors serving up bona fide neighborhood dishes from road trucks and you can discover peace in one of the city’s numerous antiquated places of love. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places Be that as it may, the scene of Kuala Lumpur is persistently changing with gentrification and the development of various ethnic populaces.

This can make it hard to locate an appropriate neighborhood amid your visit. Be that as it may, the city has awesome travel foundation which makes the majority of its attractions available regardless of where you remain in Kuala Lumpur. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places Simply ensure your inn is in your most agreeable zone.


Bukit Bintang

Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesBukit Bintang is the core of Kaula Lumpur’s shopping locale. The area is outstanding for its night markets, bistros, eateries, bars, boutique stores and malls. The area starts with Bukit Bintang Street and finishes at Pudu Street in the core of Kaula Lumpur’s Brilliant Triangle.
This costly neighborhood is loaded with lavish lodgings and popular dance club. Basically — it’s the place to see and be seen. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places What’s more, no visit to Bukit Bintang is finished without a stop at the stylish Structure KL shopping center where you’ll discover upscale stores like Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Holy person Laurent and Versace.

Go for a walk down the very created stretch of Bukit Bintang Street to encounter the Bintang Walk. You’ll stare at upscale retail facades flaunting the most recent in form. What’s more, when the sun sets, you’ll have your decision of rich clubs, liberal unrecorded music scenes and amazing housetop bars where you can drink in Kuala Lumpur’s cutting edge horizon alongside your mixed drink.

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Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesYou can locate the notable Petronas Twin Towers right in the core of the KLCC neighborhood in downtown Kuala Lumpur. This top of the line territory is known for its upscale design shops, stunning perspectives and lavish lodgings. It is additionally home to the powerfully green Kuala Lumpur Downtown area Stop.

The Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers on the planet. Walk around the shops and eateries at the base of this cutting edge wonder before making a beeline for the perception deck. The deck sits on 88 stories and enables you to see the whole city and past.

The Kuala Lumpur Downtown area Stop is an advanced wonder. With lit walkways and singing wellsprings, it is the ideal place for a walk around whenever of the day. What’s more, after your outing up the towers and through the recreation center, you can test a portion of the city’s best sustenance in one of the area’s some top of the line eateries. No outing to Malaysia’s greatest city is finished without a stop in KLCC.



Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesChinatown is an incredible place to get the neighborhood kind of Kuala Lumpur. This protected neighborhood rotates around the vigorously touristed Petaling Road where you’ll discover nearby shops, road sustenance sellers and outdoors advertises. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places You’ll likewise discover a lot of unmistakable, worldwide lodgings. Chinatown is basically a more reasonable adaptation of Bukit Bintang in a more established piece of Kuala Lumpur.

This locale hums with vitality at each hour of the day. Petaling Road draws in local people and travelers for its delectable road sustenance and staggering shopping bargains. The neighborhood shops present products at extraordinarily sensible costs while Chinatown’s acclaimed outside market serves up a portion of the city’s best sustenance things. Try not to pass up a great opportunity for the salted dish duck served out of the back of an adjusted bike.

You won’t discover numerous legitimate shops in Chinatown. Petaling Road is home to scores of brief mother and-pop slows down where you can arrange costs on privately made products.

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Chow Kit

Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesChow Kit wakes up amid the day as it flaunts the city’s biggest wet market. The Bazaar Baru Chow Kit wet market offers meat and create while a dry market offers home products and hardware. The market has a solid Indonesian impact as the area has an extensive Indonesian populace.

You’ll find a portion of the city’s most celebrated culinary specialists as they scrutinize the wet market for crisp fixings early in the day. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places The laid-back market is loaded with neighborhood treats at low costs. Bazaar Baru Chow Kit is an incredible place to spend a morning examining a wide range of neighborhood nourishments.

You can likewise visit Southeast Asia’s biggest Sikh Sanctuary in the Chow Kit neighborhood. The wonderful Tatt Khalsa Diwan Gurdwara Sikh Sanctuary is home to in excess of 75,000 admirers and is available to guests. It’s particularly lovely amid a Sikh wedding. Contact the sanctuary for the best dates and times for a visit.

Mid Valley

Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesMid Valley is an improvement in southwestern Kuala Lumpur that comprises of two shopping centers and three lodgings. The Greenery enclosures and Mid Valley Super Shopping center offer customers unparalleled encounters while the Cititel Mid Valley, The Street Lodging Kuala Lumpur and the Greenhouses Inns and Homes oblige business explorers.

The fundamental fascination of Mid Valley is unquestionably the Mid Valley Super Shopping center. The shopping center covers a stunning 4.5 million square feet. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesTruth be told, the shopping center is big to the point that the whole advancement is regularly alluded to as Mid Valley City.

Mid Valley is normally flooding with nonnatives as it is home to a huge tradition focus which keeps the advancement’s three business lodgings full. Be that as it may, you’ll additionally discover a lot of local people attracted to the shopping center for the wide assortment of shops and eateries. While Mid Valley keeps you disconnected from Malaysia’s nearby culture, you will have the capacity to test a lot of various sustenance’s inside the enormous mall.

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Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesBrickfields is maybe the most one of a kind Kuala Lumpur neighborhood. Regularly alluded to as meager India, this lively area includes a wide road loaded with Indian shops and eateries.

There are an assortment of attractions in the Brickfields neighborhood. Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places Every day visits are accessible at the Buddhist Maha Vihara sanctuary where you’ll have the capacity to visit the hallowed place’s corridors, pagoda and Bodhi tree. The Hundred Quarters highlights delightful legacy houses worked back in the 1920’s that are under steady risk of redevelopment. The 1904-constructed Vivekananda Ashram flaunts elaborate, bright engineering that makes it the ideal spot for pictures. Or on the other hand you can splash your pores with neighborhood herbs inside the little sauna at the surrendered Sen Hong Tokong sanctuary.

Brickfields is a perfect area filled to the overflow with religious structures of various types. Make sure to visit as quickly as time permits as this area is encountering fast gentrification that debilitates its uniqueness.


Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best PlacesPudu is alongside Kuala Lumpur’s renowned Bukit Bintang locale and is home to city’s biggest wet market. The plenitude of crisp meat and create at the market has pulled in a portion of the city’s best road nourishment sellers to this nearby neighborhood.Where to Stay In Kuala Lumpur 7 Best Places

You’ll discover intriguing nearby dishes along Pudu’s Wai Sek Kai. Under the buzz of streetlights, you can test dishes like Tai Bu Mee, pork digestive tract porridge, absurdly fresh broiled chicken, seared radish cakes and Hakka noodles.

While there are all the more notable neighborhoods for road sustenance in Kuala Lumpur, Pudu’s Wai Sek Kai resembles something out of a nourishment narrative. Also, the cost is correct. For the cost of a plate of flame broiled fish at a higher-end neighborhood, you can gulp down ten dishes of nearby toll in Pudu. The wealth of decision, the outside and the neighborhood flare make Pudu an unquestionable requirement visit for any courageous foodie.

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