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5 Enlightening Monasteries in Hong Kong which will give you inner peace

5 Enlightening Monasteries in Hong Kong which will give you inner peace

Hong Kong, the much acclaimed place where there is Buddhist religious communities is an ideal spot to enter the world of Nirvana. Nirvana is a state in which there is neither suffering, desire and nor sense of self. Exhausted out of the bustling city life individuals travel to Hong Kong to get nearer to Buddhism and to explore the cloisters in Hong Kong which are a prominent source of getting enlightenment in Buddhism. Situated in the heart of Hong Kong these cloisters are famous globally and a must to add on your list when you are visiting Hong Kong. Here are the list of 5 Enlightening Monasteries in Hong Kong which will give you inner peace.


5 Enlightening Monasteries In Hong Kong which will give you inner peace


Here is the list of 5 perfect monasteries which will bring you closer to the convictions of Buddhism on your next visit to Hong Kong.


1. Po Lin Monastery



This monastery was established in 1906 and is place where one can encounter the present, past and future existences of Buddha through the 3 flawless bronze Buddha statues. This religious monastery was at first known as ‘the Big Hut’ but later renamed as Po Lin Monastery in 1924. In 1993 a huge Buddha statue was added to this religious monastery named Tian Tan Buddha. If you are searching for solace, then this is the best place.


Address: Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China
Timings: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Best For: Wooden bracelets


2. Man Fat Tsz

5 Enlightening Monasteries in Hong Kong which will give you inner peace

Man Fat Tsz

A beauty of magnificence and tranquility, the 10,000 Buddhas monastery is the most acclaimed among all monasteries in Hong Kong. This Buddhist cloister is well known as its principle building comprises of 13,000 miniatures of gold ceramic Buddha statues placed beautifully on the walls. Do visit this cloister in Hong Kong to enjoy peacefulness.


Address: Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Timings: 10:30 AM to 4 PM
Entry Fee: Free


3. Chi Lin Nunnery Monastery

Chi Lin Nunnery Monastery

Chi Lin Nunnery Monastery

A beautiful wooden excellence, Chi Lin Nunnery is the biggest monastery in Hong Kong. Modified in the style of Tang tradition in 1998, this cloister offers visitors an awesome view on wooden monastery encompassed by bougainvillea garden and Bonsai tea plants. It is said that the wooden design depicts the harmony of people with nature. One must definitely visit this monastery in Kowloon, Hong Kong to get nearer to nature.


Address: 5 Chi Lin Dr, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
Timings: 9 AM to 4:30 PM


4. Tsing Shan Monastery

Tsing Shan Monastery

Tsing Shan Monastery

Created as the Grade I historic structure, Tsing Shan monastery is situated close to Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. Comprising of the Pui To Pagoda, Tsing Wan Koon and Tsing Shan Temple, this cloister is the oldest one among all in Hong Kong. Remember to visit this antiquated jewel of Hong Kong to explore the notable historic buldings.


Address: Tsing Shan Tsuen, Hong Kong
Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM


5. Miu Fat Monastery

Miu Fat Monastery

Miu Fat Monastery

Practicing forgiveness is a famous piece of Buddhism and Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery is based on this principle. Situated in Lam Tei, Hong Kong this religious monastery additionally deals with spreading Buddhism, culture and education. This intriguing Buddha sanctuary in Hong Kong contains Buddha shrine and Lotus sanctum which is famous worldwide for its beauty.


Address: Lam Tei, Castle Peak Road, Hong Kong
Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM


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Where To Stay In Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong Kong | 9 Hotels in Hong Kong, With a larger number of high rises than some other city on the planet, Hong Kong truly poses a potential threat. It’s a taking off city with the quick paced high-vitality vibe to match, and it offers everything a urban voyager could want: extraordinary nourishment, artistic work, astonishing shopping and first class nightlife. Besides, on the off chance that you search for them, you’ll find conventional structures, sanctuaries and eateries concealed into the city’s niches and corners, giving it an unmistakable social pizazz that separates it from non-specific super urban communities somewhere else. Where To Stay In Hong Kong This appeal and grandeur (also geologically restricted land) implies that Hong Kong hotel rooms have a tendency to be better than expected in cost, however in the event that you can swing it, the top of the line properties here are world-class. Furthermore, hello, in the event that you can’t, there are some really incredible lower-cost alternatives, as well.

Hotel ICON

Where To Stay In Hong KongThis perfect current property is the preparation hotel for the contiguous Polytechnic University which, in case you’re not comfortable with administration preparing hotels, may sound somewhat frightening, yet a remarkable inverse is genuine — the administration and tender loving care here at the Hotel ICON is well beyond. Where To Stay In Hong Kong All things considered, in case you’re preparing the up and coming age of the world’s awesome hotel chiefs, you need to encourage them how to do it right!

Garden View Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong KongThis hotel offers basic, clean rooms and careful pleasantries in a perfect area appropriate by the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens, only a ten-minute walk downhill to Central, Hong Kong’s principle business locale. Rooms are essential and uncluttered, with moderate furniture and tremendous windows that, when the power outage draperies are opened, fill the space with normal light. Washrooms are little however proficient, with shower/shower combos. Rooms incorporate a little bar refrigerator, espresso and tea creator, and a level screen TV. Where To Stay In Hong Kong Wi-Fi is complimentary. An indoor pool, wellness fixate and an on location eatery serving nearby cooking round out the Garden View’s amazing contributions.

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The Upper House

Where To Stay In Hong KongCraftsmanship and outline darlings will swoon over this hotel, the brainchild of modeler Andre Fu. The outline is tranquil and natural, depending intensely on characteristic materials and playing with the exchange of light and shadow. Both open spaces and guestrooms highlight striking bits of contemporary craftsmanship, a large number of which were made by specialists from Hong Kong’s outstanding workmanship scene. Where To Stay In Hong Kong The pool territory, eatery, bar and even the wellness focus are generally consistent with the plan esthetic. The open air spaces are, too, including the garden, where complimentary yoga classes are hung on end of the week mornings.


Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Where To Stay In Hong KongOn the off chance that your plans in Hong Kong incorporate facilitating a gathering or offering an introduction of any sort, you won’t improve the situation than the Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Entertainment Suite, worked for simply this reason. Where To Stay In Hong Kong It includes a cutting edge AV framework, a 13 x 11.5-foot film screen divider, a wet bar, and a lavish seating territory where your visitors can sit while you wow them, and a tremendous and agreeable room with an extra large bed where you can crumple when you’re done.


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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong KongYour children will go wild for the immense housetop play area and swimming pool at this midway found hotel (and guardians realize that the more they climb and swim, the better they rest). They’ll be all around accommodated in the room, also — staff stocks family lives with action units and child measured shoes and toothbrushes, and will happily enable you to make courses of action to visit nearby child benevolent sights (Disney Hong Kong, maybe). A huge breakfast buffet and numerous on location eating choices keep everybody encouraged throughout the day.

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Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong KongStroll into the Four Seasons Hong Kong anteroom and you’ll know you’re in a sentimental heaven. Innovator new bloom courses of action are wherever you look, the lighting is smooth, and the disposition is serene and inviting. Also, it just improves from that point. The Four Seasons mark has extremely consummated the specialty of the sentimental (yet practical) hotel room, and the Hong Kong property typifies it. Rooms are carefully named with present day furniture and conventional contacts, for example, red brocade cushions on the otherwise fresh white sheet material. The stylistic theme doesn’t overwhelm, however, and leaves the exquisite mountain and harbor views seen through the monster windows to remain as the highlight.


Park Lane Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong KongIn vogue, more youthful voyagers will love everything about the Park Lane Hong Kong, yet it’s the Skye Rooftop Bar that truly puts it over the best. Taste create mixed drinks to the soundtrack of a DJ while getting a charge out of one of the city’s best views and a fantastic horde of visitors and local people. Where To Stay In Hong Kong Should you need to investigate more nightlife, you’ll discover parcels in the prompt region encompassing the hotel, or bounce in a taxi and flash over to the move clubs in Lan Kwai Fong or the upscale parlors in SoHo.

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The Peninsula

Where To Stay In Hong KongSituated at the specific tip of the Kowloon Peninsula (subsequently the name), this hotel is the lead of the universal Peninsula lavish hotel mark. Opened in 1928 at the farthest conceivable stop on the Trans-Siberian railroad course from Europe to Asia, this sublime building has seen 90 long stretches of Hong Kong’s history firsthand. This incorporates very close minutes, for example, the British surrender after the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong; the British Governor surrendered face to face at the Japanese Headquarters, which were situated on the third story of the hotel. The hotel has additionally been highlighted in network shows and motion pictures, including the James Bond great The Man With the Golden Gun and the Batman film The Dark Knight.


Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Where To Stay In Hong KongDisregard packed Stanley, this little shoreline is a beaut. It’s disguised off the road, concealed by trees and down a couple of stairs, making it an extensive measure more quiet than various shorelines in the zone. Flame broil pits impact this an exceptional to put for a grill at sunset, too.

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Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s solid wilderness gets an excessive amount of consideration. While we welcome the numerous internal city alternatives with regards to things like out of this world feasting and early lunch, an entire seventy five percent of our SAR is field. That implies Hong Kong is one of the greenest urban communities on the planet, and among all the magnificent climbing trails and cycling courses are some genuinely dazzling beaches. So pack your shades and bring your sunscreen as we exhibit the best Hong Kong beaches.

Ham Tin Wan

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongSai Kung has numerous wonderful beaches yet one of our top picks is Ham Tin Wan’s beach on Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung. The sand is fine, the water is clear and the notorious shaky scaffold over a little channel is dependably an ordeal.


Clearwater Bay

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongContained two beaches, Clearwater Bay’s pristine sand and shining waters are emphatically tropical. There’s an incredible perspective of the close-by nation stop’s rocky mountains and the sharp tip of High Junk Peak, influencing this spot to picture culminate.

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Kwun Yam Wan

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongCheung Chau’s prevalent windsurfing beach is the place Olympic windsurfing champion Lee Lai-shan prepared. With golden sand, a beachside bistro, windsurfing, surfing and paddling gear accessible to lease, Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong Kwun Yam has bounty to keep you possessed in case you’re hoping to accomplish something other than lay in the sun.


Cheung Sha Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongOne of our most loved beaches on Lantau, Cheung Sha’s upper and lower beaches are truly justified regardless of the outing. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong The gigantic stretch of sand implies you’re never fighting for space with different sunseekers, and there’re numerous awesome beachside eateries to give you moment occasion vibes.

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Golden Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongThe domain’s Gold Coast Resort is home to the innovatively named Golden Beach, boasting pristine sand from Hainan Island. It gets fairly occupied up here, yet in the event that groups don’t trouble you seek a cut of the Med on the South China drift.

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Big Wave Bay

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongNamed for its surfable waves, Big Wave Bay has a tendency to be calmer and cleaner contrasted with neighboring Shek O. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong It’s an incredible spot to unwind and get something to eat toward the finish of the Dragon’s Back climb and there’re surfboards to lease on the off chance that you extravagant riding the waves.


Turtle Cove

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongTai Tam’s Turtle Cove is a dinky golden ponder flanked by rich greenery. Pale cleaned peeps be careful, there’s not much shade but rather it’s a tranquil spot frequented essentially by local people. Bring your own particular beverages and snacks since there’re no slows down.

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Pui O Beach
Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong

Another chill spot in South Lantau, Pui O is well known with fledgling surfers and there’s a little stand that rents sheets in case you’re intrigued. Key offices like showers and grills are all set up, and no review about Pui O is finished without specifying its beach side bar, Mavericks.

Chung Hom Kok

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongForget overcrowded Stanley, this little beach is a beaut. It’s concealed off the street, covered up by trees and down a few stairs, making it a considerable measure calmer than different beaches in the zone. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong Grill pits influence this an extraordinary to put for a barbecue at dusk, as well.

South Bay Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongOne of the less frequented beaches on the Southside, South Bay is a secluded spot with its own one of a kind beach club. Ensure you look at the club’s outside eatery where DJs turn away the evening

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Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong Kong

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongFood and drink in Hong Kong is modest and superbly shifted – read up on the best noodles, fish and bao buns to attempt on your movements…

Feasting out is the social standard in Hong Kong and there’s an extensive variety of dishes and eateries to attempt. Explore nearby markets and rarities with our must-attempt rundown of sustenance and drink.

1. Yuanyang tea

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongHong Kong-style smooth tea blended with moment espresso. A riff on Hong Kong drain tea this is THE basic drink at cha chaan tengs (Hong Kong-style bistros). 

2.Pineapple bun

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongNot in reality exceptionally pineappley, but rather a delicate pillowy sweet bread roll finished with a crunchy sugary best. The sort of convenient breakfast Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong Kong Hongkongers take to the workplace.

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3. Char siu

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongCantonese-style grilled pork, marinated in five flavor, rose alcohol, soy bean glue and coated with nectar or syrup: pervasive and basic to any Hongkonger’s eating routine.


4. Hairy crab

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongJust in season for half a month however this occasional Hong Kong delicacy shows up on menus all finished town between late October and the finish of November where the modest crabs bring about £30. Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong Kong With their rich shading and egg-yolk consistency, they can be blended into new pasta simply like a sauce, or used to influence a bouillabaisse-to type fish sauce.

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5. Salt marinated chicken

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongAn extraordinary method for cooking chicken, brined with a spectacularly fresh papery skin of the kind you all the more regularly find on duck and suckling pig, as at culinary expressions spot Duddells.


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6. Cheung fun

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongMarginally slithery rice rolls presented with a punchy sauce made with soy sauce, nutty spread, hoisin and bean stew sauce – attempt them at local people’s most loved Jump Yik Tai Cheung Fun in Sham Shui Po.


7. Noodles

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongEgg noodles with shrimp roe. Eat them at the Lau Aggregate Kee noodle shop in Sham Shui Po – and in the event that you need to reproduce the involvement with home, you could take a stab at adding to our veg-stuffed noodle and egg bowl.

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8. Snake soup
Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong Kong
In case you’re overcome enough, snakes are said to support the dissemination and are eaten as a warming sustenance amid winter. One of numerous fixings that are viewed as therapeutic by local people. Attempt it at Shia Wong Hip in Sham Sui Po.


9. Hot pot

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongIn the wake of a monotonous day at work, locate a nearby hot pot eatery around Thoroughfare Inlet if on the Island, while Mong Kok and Ruler Edward are the spots to go on Kowloon side. Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong Kong Attempt to arrange the same number of various kinds of sustenance on the menu, cook everything yourself, and wash everything down with Blue Young lady brews and Soju. It’s the correct nearby approach to do it.


10. Bao buns

Top 10 Foods To Must Try in Hong KongThe dish Asian bao bun furor has hit Hong Kong, as well. Go to Little Bao for creative fillings, for example, Szechuan fricasseed chicken bao and fish tempura.

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10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong Most likely about it: Hong Kong will shock you. There’s no real way to get ready for the spectacular view from Victoria Peak or for the Ensemble of the Stars light show from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. Against the verdant territory, sparkling high rises have never looked so wonderful. Taking in Hong Kong’s air is a large portion of the delight of being here. The other half is similarly energizing: With Hong Kong Disneyland, Sea Stop and Glad Valley Racecourse, there are possibilities for each interest.


Star Ferry

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#1 in Hong Kong

The Star Ferry is a flat out must when you come to Hong Kong. Consider it the what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Transporting visitors between the Kowloon Promontory and Hong Kong Island, this vessel gives the most tourist detour through the city. Guests will be smack touch in the focal point of the city’s renowned horizon, giving astounding photograph openings, particularly during the evening.


Victoria Peak

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#2 in Hong Kong

Alongside the Star Ferry, Victoria Peak, or basically “The Peak,” is an unquestionable requirement visit fascination just for its unimaginable perspectives. Arranged on the most elevated point on Hong Kong Island, The Peak is as grand as posts come. Guests are not just treated to an ocean of high rises and the city’s wonderful blue conduits, however amid the day, can make out the green slopes of the inaccessible New Regions.

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Street Markets FREE

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#3 in Hong Kong

Odds are you’ll coincidentally discover one of these shopping furors on a voyage through the city. Be that as it may, don’t simply stop at one. Hong Kong’s street markets are assorted, taking into account different customer bases with various stock. For example, the Women’s Market on Tung Choi Street in the Mong Kok neighborhood spends significant time in (you got it) ladies’ apparel and adornments. Furthermore, every bazaar additionally has its own particular feeling. The best illustration is the Sanctuary Street Night Market – an explorer top choice. This nighttime commercial center overflows with movement as merchants peddle garments, hardware and neighborhood nourishment, and culinary frill from brilliantly lit slows down. 10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong  There are even crystal gazers and musical drama vocalists. Another bazaar of note is the Stanley Market. Possessing an old angling town on the southern bank of Hong Kong Island, this commercial center flaunts home stylistic layout, adornments and brilliant trinkets. Late voyagers said not to bashful far from bartering, the same number of were amazed at how low sellers will drop their costs when they feel like you will leave.


Happy Valley Racecourse

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#4 in Hong Kong

Each Wednesday from September to July, a huge number of Hong Kong occupants surge the stands of the Happy Valley Racecourse. Pony hustling is the main authoritative document of betting in Hong Kong, making Happy Valley one of only a handful couple of spots where you are permitted to bet in the city. What’s more, huge numbers of Hong Kong’s nationals take full favorable position. Regardless of whether you’re not into wagering, 10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong  you should visit this neighborhood establishment just for the electric air, also the encompassing city horizon, which sparkles once the sun goes down.

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Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade FREE

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#5 in Hong Kong

On the edge of the Kowloon Promontory’s prominent Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood, the promenade is the Hong Kong area for some guests. Extending from Hong Kong’s pioneer time Clock Tower to Hung Hom, the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade gives you unhampered perspectives of Hong Kong Island’s great horizon. 10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong  Amid the day, you can watch the vessels travel all through Victoria Harbor, however voyagers prescribe making an additional visit during the evening: From 8 to around 8:20 p.m., the Orchestra of the Stars (a sound-and-light show) ventures astonishing lights onto the Hong Kong horizon. Day or night, consider taking in the climate at one of the numerous eateries and bars situated here.

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Ocean Park

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#6 in Hong Kong

Contending with Hong Kong Disneyland as the best spot to take your family in Hong Kong, Ocean Park makes a special effort. Awesome normal view ideal on the coastline? Check. A different zoo that incorporates pandas and dolphins? Check. An aquarium with sharks and beams? Check. Zapping thrill rides and jubilee amusements? Check. Before you know it, Ocean Park will have a link auto ride and an underground funicular… Goodness pause, it as of now does!


Nan Lian Garden FREE

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#7 in Hong Kong

In case you’re hoping to rest your feet in the wake of a prolonged day of visiting, withdraw to the Nan Lian Garden. Situated in Kowloon, the Nan Lian Garden is an almost 9-section of land open park displayed after the style of the Tang Tradition, which ruled from A.D. 618 to 907. Along the serene pathways, you’ll discover lotus lakes, manicured trees and murmuring springs, also customary Chinese timber engineering spread all through. That, joined with Hong Kong’s taking off mountain go as the garden’s setting, makes for a peaceful place of asylum from the rushing about of the city.

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Hong Kong Museum of History

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#8 in Hong Kong

From ancient occasions to the cutting edge time, the Hong Kong Museum of History presses 400 million long periods of the city’s history under one rooftop. Traversing in excess of 75,000 square feet, this substantial complex highlights a changeless display chronicling Hong Kong’s history and has included transitory shows obliging guests with a wide range of interests. 10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong  Past displays have secured nearby nourishment culture, mold and even open transportation. The museum at present houses in excess of 90,000 authentic articles and materials, so intend to set aside a couple of hours on the off chance that you need to visit the whole museum.


Lantau Island

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#9 in Hong Kong

Like Singapore’s Sentosa Island, Lantau Island is a vacationer’s play area. You have verifiable destinations, event congregations, radiant shorelines and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Families love Hong Kong Disneyland, while dynamic explorers appreciate crossing the trails that pave the way to the picturesque Dusk Pinnacle. Those with a propensity for recreation will appreciate an easygoing walk around Hong Kong’s longest shoreline, Cheung Sha Shoreline, while fish darlings will salivate at the site of new fish at Tai O Town showcase. Indeed, even history buffs have their pick of the Huge Buddha (it’s gigantic!) and the Po Lin Religious community. Despite your interests, you should take a ride on the Nong Ping Link Autos for a special bird’s-eye perspective of the island.


Hong Kong Disneyland

10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong#10 in Hong Kong

“It’s a little world all things considered” has never been more valid than at Hong Kong Disneyland. On the off chance that you’ve been to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you may be disillusioned by the moderately little size of this park. The Hong Kong emphasis has a large number of indistinguishable attractions from the American parks, for example, Space Mountain and Resting Excellence’s Stronghold, just they’ve been downsized. In any case, that doesn’t mean ongoing guests didn’t make the most of their opportunity at the “most joyful place on Earth.” Of course, families cherished it, however a few grown-ups observed it to be an exercise in futility in the event that you don’t have any little ones close behind. 10 Best Things To Do in Hong Kong  Much like the other Disney parks, voyagers cautioned of extensive groups and whined that the nourishment is overrated and unremarkable.


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