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Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s solid wilderness gets an excessive amount of consideration. While we welcome the numerous internal city alternatives with regards to things like out of this world feasting and early lunch, an entire seventy five percent of our SAR is field. That implies Hong Kong is one of the greenest urban communities on the planet, and among all the magnificent climbing trails and cycling courses are some genuinely dazzling beaches. So pack your shades and bring your sunscreen as we exhibit the best Hong Kong beaches.

Ham Tin Wan

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongSai Kung has numerous wonderful beaches yet one of our top picks is Ham Tin Wan’s beach on Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung. The sand is fine, the water is clear and the notorious shaky scaffold over a little channel is dependably an ordeal.


Clearwater Bay

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongContained two beaches, Clearwater Bay’s pristine sand and shining waters are emphatically tropical. There’s an incredible perspective of the close-by nation stop’s rocky mountains and the sharp tip of High Junk Peak, influencing this spot to picture culminate.

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Kwun Yam Wan

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongCheung Chau’s prevalent windsurfing beach is the place Olympic windsurfing champion Lee Lai-shan prepared. With golden sand, a beachside bistro, windsurfing, surfing and paddling gear accessible to lease, Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong Kwun Yam has bounty to keep you possessed in case you’re hoping to accomplish something other than lay in the sun.


Cheung Sha Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongOne of our most loved beaches on Lantau, Cheung Sha’s upper and lower beaches are truly justified regardless of the outing. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong The gigantic stretch of sand implies you’re never fighting for space with different sunseekers, and there’re numerous awesome beachside eateries to give you moment occasion vibes.

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Golden Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongThe domain’s Gold Coast Resort is home to the innovatively named Golden Beach, boasting pristine sand from Hainan Island. It gets fairly occupied up here, yet in the event that groups don’t trouble you seek a cut of the Med on the South China drift.

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Big Wave Bay

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongNamed for its surfable waves, Big Wave Bay has a tendency to be calmer and cleaner contrasted with neighboring Shek O. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong It’s an incredible spot to unwind and get something to eat toward the finish of the Dragon’s Back climb and there’re surfboards to lease on the off chance that you extravagant riding the waves.


Turtle Cove

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongTai Tam’s Turtle Cove is a dinky golden ponder flanked by rich greenery. Pale cleaned peeps be careful, there’s not much shade but rather it’s a tranquil spot frequented essentially by local people. Bring your own particular beverages and snacks since there’re no slows down.

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Pui O Beach
Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong

Another chill spot in South Lantau, Pui O is well known with fledgling surfers and there’s a little stand that rents sheets in case you’re intrigued. Key offices like showers and grills are all set up, and no review about Pui O is finished without specifying its beach side bar, Mavericks.

Chung Hom Kok

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongForget overcrowded Stanley, this little beach is a beaut. It’s concealed off the street, covered up by trees and down a few stairs, making it a considerable measure calmer than different beaches in the zone. Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong Kong Grill pits influence this an extraordinary to put for a barbecue at dusk, as well.

South Bay Beach

Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Hong KongOne of the less frequented beaches on the Southside, South Bay is a secluded spot with its own one of a kind beach club. Ensure you look at the club’s outside eatery where DJs turn away the evening

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