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Bohey Dulang Island

Bohey Dulang Island

Bohey Dulang Island probably won’t be as renowned as Sipadan Island, however it is an astounding island all the same. The island is a mountainous island because of an ancient volcano. Bohey Dulang Island is simply next to Bodgaya Island. The main thing that isolates the two islands is a small channel.


Bohey Dulang is one of many islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Other than Bohey Dulang, there are Bodgaya, Maiga, Mantabuan and Sibuan, Selakan and Tetagan Island that collectively made up Tun Sakaran Marine Park.


Bohey Dulang Island is nicknamed as Pearl Island, as the island used to be a pearl farming centre. It was even the 1st pearl farming in Malaysia, however the pearl ranch was shut in 1993.


The island is famous for the outstanding view of the island from the top of the peak. After a thrilling yet refreshing 1 hour long climb along a 600 m trail, climbers are rewarded with the view of next Bodgaya Island, and magnificent view of the blue lagoon.



There is additionally Giant Clams and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery at the island. It is a joint endeavor between Sabah Parks and UK’s Marine Conservation Society. At the incubation facility, there are lab, exhibition corridor, generating tanks, broodstock garden enclosure and open sea cage. There is additionally a nursery, lodging many baby giant clams¬† in tanks.


This island is likewise an ideal spot for swimming and plunging. There are more than 500 types of coral reef fish, 300 types of hard and delicate corals and a few of ocean animals, for example, turtles, barracuda, hawk beams and a lot more around the island.


Nature isn’t the main thing that had pulled in individuals to this island. A few settlements of Bajau Laut (or Sea Gypsies) individuals can be found around the island. The Bajau Laut individuals are popular for their itinerant life, and they generally carry on with a seaborne way of life. Some said the Bajau Laut may be the remainder of the ocean migrants around these days.

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To go to Bohey Dulang Island, 1st you have to go to Semporna. The closest airport would be Tawau Airport. Semporna is a hour’ drive from the airport. From Semporna, tourists need to take a boat to the island and after around 30 minutes, you will reach Tun Sakaran Marine Park.


In any case, there are no housing on this island. Sightseers can either stay at Semporna, where the housing are less expensive than remaining at different islands. Another options would be staying at Mabul, Pom, or Mataking Islan.

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