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7 Enchanting places to visit in Ayutthaya

7 Enchanting places to visit in Ayutthaya

An old city that rose like a Phoenix from ashes in Thailand, Ayutthaya is a must visit place for visitors who are looking for an international excursion. Being an old city established in 1335, Ayutthaya is a habitation culture, temples, spirituality, museums, and beautiful architectures. We will tell you about the 7 Enchanting places to visit in Ayutthaya which will amaze you.

7 Enchanting places to visit in Ayutthaya

Serving as a voyager’s heaven it has a great deal to offer to explorers who are thinking about best places to visit in Ayutthaya on their next excursion. So if you are ready to make the most out of your Ayutthaya trip, continue looking down!


1. Ayutthaya Historical Park

Spread in 715 acres of land, this park has around 400 temples and a piece of it was proclaimed an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Without a doubt Ayutthaya historic park is the best spot you must visit. The feature of the park is the 19-meter-tall Buddha picture in Wat Phanan Choeng which is very famous as this is one of the must visit Ayutthaya touring spot and visitors visit this eminent park to catch the magnificence of the brilliant Buddha picture.


2. Chao Sam Phraya National Museum

Introduced in 1961 by King Rama IX, Chao Sam Phraya National Museum is one of the major Ayutthaya tourist spot which is renowned for its unearthed Thai fortunes. One can become acquainted with the history and glorifying past of the fallen city by visiting the most encouraging historical center in the list of places to visit in Ayutthaya.

3. Bang Pa In Palace

A captivating royal residence where the Thai king and queens dwelled, Bang Pa In Palace was built by King Prasat Thong in 1632 and later reestablished in the time of King Chulalongkorn. Becoming more acquainted with the manner in which the Kings lived fascinates everybody thus it is the most well known among travelers who are looking for an intriguing Ayutthaya touring spot.


4. Chao Phrom Market

The word ‘shopping’ excite us so now it’s time to enjoy and explore the market. Chao Phrom Market charms travelers by its mouth-watering foods and alluring amulet accessories. You will see numerous shops giving amulets as they are a noteworthy piece of Thai culture.


5. Ayutthaya Floating Market

Prepare to walk around the market which is floating on the ancient Pa Sak river, offers tasty local Thai food and is additionally famous for its Chinese tidbits. The feature of this floating market is that one can board a row boat and investigate the market. On the off chance that you are fascinated by wooden crafted works, then you should visit this market on your next Ayutthaya day trip.


6. Foreign Quarters

In the past Ayutthaya pulled in numerous individuals from all around the globe, pilgrims came and settled in this enticing city. Today numerous foreign quarters are in Ayutthaya and these quarters comes under the list of  best places to visit in Ayutthaya. You can investigate the French, Portuguese, British and Dutch quarters on your next excursion to Ayutthaya.

7. Elephant Stay

Placed in the core of the Royal Elephant Kraal Village in Ayutthaya, Elephant Stay is non-profit association concentrated on protection of old elephants. By visiting this Ayutthaya tourist spot one can bond with around 60 elephants and spend their vacation in the midst of nature.

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6 unusual places in Thailand you must visit

6 unusual places in Thailand you must visit

The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand is a well known holiday destination. You could possibly have visited Thailand till now. But on the off chance that you are planning to visit, it’s an incredible idea to stopped the standard touristy places and visit these strange places in Thailand, to see the nation from an alternate perspective. We will tell you about the 6 unusual places in Thailand you must visit.


6 unusual places in Thailand you must visit


Despite the fact that, Thailand is a mainstream tourist place, but there are still many interesting spots with regards to the nation that guests don’t think about. Regardless of whether it you first time or your ‘Nth’ visit to this island countries, going offbeat is always a smart thought.

Look at these profoundly intriguing unique places in Thailand.


1. Wat Pariwar

Wat Pariwar

Wat Pariwar


Are you a David Beckham fan Wat Pariwar is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, made in the exemplary thai style that currently remains as a tremendous old structure. Regardless of how standard this temple looks from outside, it has the absolute most peculiar and beautiful idols inside. What’s more, shockingly, a considerable lot of them are of statues of world well known identities and hero characters like Albert Einstein, Che Guevara, Superman, Captain America, Batman and numerous others. Guess about who takes the spotlight?

World’s most famous football player, David Beckham! The temple is also called the David Beckham Temple. The statue of Beckham was introduced in 1998 as a major aspect of the World Cup festivities by Thai artist (senior priest) Thongruang Haemhod. Thongruang include him because football is the new religion, and the temple’s abbot agreed. The statue displays his fantastic hairstyle and the sponsorship logo ‘SHARP’ on his jersey.


2. Wat Mae Kaet Noi

Wat Mae Kaet Noi

Wat Mae Kaet Noi


Tired of visiting the sugary-sweet-religious places of Thailand?  The Wat Mae Kaet Noi, a standout amongst the most bizzare Buddhist temples in Thailand, invites you to hell. The wat was made by a Buddhist priest who wanted to warn people about their “sins” and its outcomes after death.

This temple has an accumulation of life-sized and big statues portraying probably the most gruesome acts and punishments related with the hell. Huge numbers of them look so genuine that you may finish up associating them with some known faces. In this way, dare yourself to be here!


3. Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun


You must have visited Buddhist temples in your life however this one is unique in its own way. It famously known as ‘White Temple’ and is a gem in itself. The sparkling white temple is totally studded with delightful and beautiful designs, particularly on its rooftops.

This temple is designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat, a renowned Thai visual artist. It gleams in the sun as the white plaster utilized for its creation contains little bits of glass. By taking a look at the temple now, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was damaged very badly in the 2014 seismic tremor (Earthquake) that had hit Chiang Rai.


4. Sam Phan Bok

Sam Phan Bok

Sam Phan Bok


Sam Phan Bok is one of those strange places in Thailand which you can visit just amid some particular months. Situated amidst Khong River, this spot is frequently called as the “Grand Canyon of Thailand”. Sam Phan Bok is a small Island that gets submerged amid the flood season.

The circular water flows has made its surface disintegrate, prompting the development of in excess of 3,000 little basins. Truth be told, this spot gets its name, from this very feature. ‘Sam Phan’ in Thai and ‘Bok’ in lao mean little basins.


5. Death Railway

Death Railway

Death Railway


The Death Railway in Kanchanaburi of Thailand has a terrible history. It was made by the blood and sweat of the WWII prisoners of war and Asian slave workers. Amid WWII, the Japanese Army had colonized South East Asia and collected many skilled and healthy detainees of war, which were later utilized as workers to develop their task including this railroad line. Over a hundred thousand workers died amid its 16 month development between 1942 and 1943. Initially called the Thailand-Burma Railway, it came to be known as “Death Railway” on account of its story.

This bridge is over the river Kwai, through which the train passes and guests gathered on the sides of the bridge to have a closer perspective on the passing train. You can likewise visit the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and Death Railway Museum and Research Center.


6. Phaya Kankak Public Park – Yasothon

Phaya Kankak Public Park

Phaya Kankak Public Park


Phaya Kankak Public Park is a noteworthy vacation destination in Yasothon. ‘Phaya Kankak’ mean ‘toad’ in Isan language. It is a museum which is identified with the legend of fireballs committed to the particular legends of Phaya, Toad and Rocket. The spot likewise includes science and biodiversity components. Passing by the well known legends, Phaya Kankak, a son of the ruler, had skin like that of a toad.

Phaya Kanak Museum is one of the 3 historical museums related with the custom of fireballs, with Phaya Tan Museum and the Naga Museum being the other two. The museum is constructed in 5-stories with its inside showing the tale of the coming to fireballs.

Among these 6 unusual places in Thailand you must visit, which one you will visit first?

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National Parks In Kanchanaburi

National Parks In Kanchanaburi

With 7 most exotic and various National Parks In Kanchanaburi, it brings to the table a stunner without any limits. For animals and wildlife lovers, visiting this spot should be added to the bucket list.

Here are list of 7 National Parks In Kanchanaburi.

1. Erawan National Park

Founded in 1975, Erawan National Park is in the western part of the nation and 12th National Park of Thailand. It is one of the largest and the most recognized national park in the territory of Kanchanaburi. This park got its name from a Hindu mythological animal, a white three-headed elephant. One of the significant attraction of this park is the Erawan falls. The park includes 4 caves and a hill named Khao Nom Nang. The forest is loaded up with deciduous trees and limestone slopes.


Flora & Fauna: Macaques, Wild elephants, Indochinese serow, Indian muntjac, gibbons, wild hog, sambar deer, black naped monarch, dark-necked tailorbird, etc.

Timings: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand

2. Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park

It is also known as Tham Than Lot National Park. This is another forest reserve in Kanchanaburi which is well known for its mountains, waterfalls and caves. In spite of the fact that it is the smallest national park in Thailand, the diversity of this place will surprise you. Than Ngoen is most famous waterfall here.


Flora & Fauna:  This Park is generally deciduous with numerous bamboo trees and some dry evergreen trees as well. The creatures of this park are panthers, tigers, gibbons, gaurs, and so on. Basic birds seen here are hornbills, francolins, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, coppersmith barbet, and so on. The best observed animal here is a barking tree frog which is extremely phenomenal.

Timings: 8 am to 4 pm

3. Khao Laem National Park

Situated in the northern zone of Tenasserim Hills, and 1500 km towards the west from Thailand, this national park is famous for the Khao Laem Lake which it encompasses.


Flora & Fauna: The vegetation of this park is for the most part blended deciduous, evergreen hill and dry evergreen forest. There is a sanctuary  situated beside this park, called the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary and has a wide scope of creatures, comprising of extensive creatures like gaurs, tigers, sambar deer, elephants, yelping deer and wild pigs.


4. Khuean Srinagarindra National Park

This National Park is a piece of the Western Forest Complex secured area. This park is situated in the Srinagarind reservoir. This park has numerous caves for visitors to explore. Main attraction of this park is the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall. The caves of this park has antiquated works of art portraying stories. Two of the famous caves in here is Tham Phra Kho and Tham Nam Mut.


Flora & Fauna: The backwoods are evergreen and deciduous and natural life incorporates creatures like civet cat, panther, squirrels, bats, slow loris. Winged creatures like parakeets, osprey, green peafowl, kingfishers and orioles are found here.

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand


5. Lam Khlong Ngu National Park

Situated in the Thong Pha Phum region, this park was built up in 2009. The principle attractions of this park are the Nang Kruan waterfall, which is a big limestone waterfall, the Kliti waterfall and the Monolithic Cave which additionally is the most elevated solid cave in the world.


6. Sai Yok National Park

This lovely and isolated national park has few of the beautiful waterfalls and mountains of Kanchanaburi. The mountains of this park are the extension of the Tenasserim Hills. The river Khwae Noi runs to this park. The western region of this park touches the Myanmar boarder and the highest peak here is Khao Khwae. The park has some of the beautiful waterfalls, including the Sai Yok Yai which joins the Khwae Noi river. Caves like Tham Lawa and Tham Dowding are here.


Flora & Fauna: This park consists of teak forests. Animals in this park include, wild pigs, gibbons, elephants, sambar deer, barking deer, tigers, Malayan porcupine, slow loris, serow etc. A wide range of crabs are also found here.


7. Thong Pha Phum National Park

This park was set up in 2009. This park is situated on the edge of Myanmar. Around 175 km northwest of Kanchanaburi town, this park roughly extends 1236 sq. km in area. The park’s highest peak is Khao Chang Phueak. Being a 30 m tall waterfall, Chok Kradin is one of the famous spot of this park. Another major waterfall here is Khao Yai. Bi Deng, Huai Muang and Dip Yai are the other waterfalls present here. Khao Nai caves have pictures of Lord Buddha which adds to its stylish excellence.


Flora & Fauna: Trees of this park are for the most part deciduous and creatures are elephants, tigers, northern red muntjac, civet cats and water buffalos. Birds which are found here are hornbills, bulbuls and coucals.


How To Reach Kanchanaburi Forest Reserve

Kanchanaburi has no airport, however it can be reached easily by bus or a trains or a taxi from Bangkok. Minivans can be hired from Khaosan Road in Bangkok. One can likewise reach Kanchanaburi from Pattaya or Ayutthaya by bus itself. All the voyages take around 2-3 hours to reach there.


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Things Not to Do in Bangkok

Things Not to Do in Bangkok

You must know which Things Not to Do in Bangkok. Thailand’s way of life is fantastically rich with numerous social desires and normal civilities that may contrast from your nation of origin. Then again, there are some basic pitfalls that is easy to fall into if you are unaware. Take a couple of minutes to review what to avoid from while you’re out in Bangkok – it will make your collaborations with local people easy and guarantee you don’t finish up humiliated and confounded due to a senseless violation of social norms.


Here Are Some Few Things Not to Do in Bangkok


  • When purchasing souvenirs, don’t buy any Buddha idols—it is illegal to take them   out of the nation without going through proper procedures and processes.


  • Don’t step on any coin that has the King’s face on it—you could go to jail for 3-15    years for doing such. Moreover, you should not touch or derision any photos you  see of the King anyplace around the city, nor should you talk severely of him or his family.


  • Don’t carry original passport with you always just photocopy is enough.


  • Don’t wear shorts, croptop, tanktop or skirts while going to temples. wearing shoes inside any temple is prohibited.


  • Don’t sit with your feet pointing towards a Buddha figure when you are in a temple. Also, be sure to keep your hands away from the pictures of Buddha.


  • When you’re in nearness to a picture of the Buddha, don’t welcome another individual with a kiss—it’s deemed disrespectful


  • Don’t pay for a voyage on the Chao Praya River. Rather, take the open water transport (otherwise called “water transports”), which goes a similar course, to set aside extra cash.


  • If you smoke, remember to do as such in reserve spaces explicitly for that reason. In case you’re not cautious about this, you may finish up getting fined.


  • If a taxi’s meter is not working or set, do not get in.You could potentially pay altogether more than the typical cost of the ride.


  • Not taking enough cash from the ATMs. The expenses for ATM exchanges in Thailand prop up year after year. All ATMs presently charge US $6 – 7 for each exchange in addition to whatever foreign exchange fees your bank charges.


  • Don’t forget to stand up amid the Kings Anthem at Movie Theatre.


  • Don’t Touch somebody on the head – according to Thai Buddhist tradition, the head is the highest part of our body and the spot nearest to the heaven. To contact an outsider on the head, even in a cheerful manner, is hostile to numerous Thai individuals and unquestionably not advised.

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Nightlife in Phuket

Nightlife in Phuket

Phuket has beaches, views, and other attractions. What more could you want? Nightlife. You asked for it and you got it. Here are the places where you can enjoy Nightlife in Phuket.


Bangla Road

The main nightlife stopping place in Patong and the whole of Phuket is Bangla Road. Most of the people come here at night to experience the colorful and energetic nightlife of Bangla Road.

On a day time, it seems like a simple road with shops and food vendors. But, when the sun sets and the beach is no longer the main attraction, this road comes alive. Music and lights lit this place. Girls, Bartenders and promoters are prepared to be in their position.

No other nightlife place is like this one. When you enter Bangla Road, you will instantly feel the energetic and happening nightlife aura. Clubs and Bars are just beside each other and music energize the place.


Beach bars at Kata

For a (much) more relaxed vibe, head to Kata Hill overlooking Kata Noi Beach, where three little bars invite chilled out beach-bum types to sip cocktails while watching the sun go down. The bars here–After Beach, Small Viewpoint and Baan Chom–all play Bob Marley music on loop and have fantastic sunset views.


Simon Cabaret

Situated near Patong Beach, the Simon Cabaret hosts the most respected lady boy shows in Phuket. It is an attraction in Phuket in its own particular way. The show includes some beautiful sets, amazing outfits, and some of the most glamorous entertainers in the business, so it is not hard to perceive any reason why it’s turned out to be one of Phuket’s primary attractions.


Phuket FantaSea

For a family night out, head to the Phuket FantaSea Show, It has its own theme park complex. This famous nighttime attraction highlights exotic creatures which helps in telling a conventional Thai story mixed with new modern technology. This vast complex additionally houses carnival games, a shopping village, and a spot to enjoy dinner.


Siam Niramit

Situated in the outskirts of Phuket Town, the Siam Niramit show is another family-friendly show which celebrates the Thailand’s history and culture. With expound sets, surprising effects, and a skilled cast, Siam Niramit is one of the most popular shows in Phuket.

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