5 Things Malaysian must know before applying for travel visa

5 Things Malaysian must know before applying for travel visa

5 Things Malaysian must know before applying for travel visa

Do you need a visa for traveling? Now you are befuddled over how to apply for one? Look no further – we have got you secured with our complete Travel Visa Guide for Malaysians! We will tell you about the 5 Things Malaysian must know before applying for travel visa.

The guide has all the need-to-know information so you’ll understand what’s in store. Information like Which kind of visa is appropriate for you and what kind of documents you need. And at what cost and how much time it will take to process your application.

We have even included which nations you can enter without a visa and nation specific guides for top tourist destinations for example, Australia, USA and Canada. Wanna know more?

Here are 5 Things Malaysian must know before applying for travel visa



1.   Are you aware that Malaysia has the fifth most dominant Passport on the Earth?



Yes, we do! This implies that Malaysians can travel to more than 160 nations without getting a visa – great, isn’t it? So in case you’re uncertain about whether the nation you are traveling to requires a visa, look at the list of nations that allow Malaysian people to enter without visa and as well as those that provide visa on arrival under the “Visa-Free Countries” tab.


2. Your application may get rejected If you are wearing red lipstick in your passport photo.


We absolutely understand the need to look perfect and flawless, however for your passport photograph, it’s ideal to keep your makeup as natural as possible. Other than excess makeup, even blazing your pearly whites can have authorities dismissing your application! So keep your face expression less like somebody just told you a terrible joke.


3. For photographs, ensure there’s nothing covering your face, especially if you’re wearing a headscarf.


It is important to make sure that your headscarf doesn’t obstruct your forehead or the sides of your face in your passport photograph, as this may get your application rejected. What’s more, if you wear glasses? Take them off for your photograph, as the shadows and glare brought about by your glasses are a no-no, particularly for your China visa application.


4. Can you apply for the visa online?


A few nations e.g., Australia have an online visa application framework, while others like China allow you to fill in your application on the web, yet despite everything you’ll have to visit the visa center to present your application.


5. Will you need a transit visa?


Remember to observe whether your flights will travel through another nation. In the event that you have a stopover or delay in a nation that expects Malaysians to have a visa, at that point you’ll have to verify one preceding your visit, regardless of whether you don’t plan on leaving the airplane terminal.

For example Malaysians are exempted from a travel visa on the off chance that they’re just going through for under 72 hours in Australia. For USA and Canada, you’ll need a travel visa- no special cases.

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