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Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Johor Bahru Malaysia

Cafes in Johor Bahru Malaysia


Interior of CATS Cafe

CATS Cafe | © CATS Cafe
Play and murmur while the baristas do the pouring. At this bistro, when the felines come a’calling, you come a’feeding — at a little expense of RM1 ($0.25) per parcel of feline nourishment. Try not to stress, your very own stomach will be served, as well. An assortment of American and localcuisine is offered, in addition to milkshakes and pastry.


Dessert at The Brew Orchestra

The Brew Orchestra | © The Brew Orchestra
On the off chance that you need to waffle on about something, waffle about the waffles here. The great choice highlights caramelized bacon and frozen yogurt on firm, cushioned, liquefy in-your-mouth goodness, and you’ll feel like perhaps it’s alright to sin on occasion. They serve breakfast from 8.30 a.m., and the espresso’s smooth, as well.


My Liberica Coffee waffle and latter

My Liberica Coffee waffle and latte | © My Liberica Coffee
With an espresso manor and handling plant, how could My Liberica’s espresso be anything shy of stunning? Coffees here are full-bodied, rich, complex, and about constantly loaded up with immaculate crema. They likewise serve waffles, sandwiches, and toast.


Big Bites Cafe mille crepe cake

Big Bites Cafe | © Big Bites Cafe
This position of safety bistro is not entirely obvious in case you’re only in town for banana cake, yet miss it you mustn’t, on account of once you’ve had their mille crepe, you’ll be encountering millennial-style firecrackers (allegorically). Their mille crepe cakes arrive in an assortment of flavors: durian, matcha, rainbow, Mao Shan Wang, and so forth. You’ll be skirting the bread kitchen for this bistro in a matter of moments.


Coffee at Chaiwalla and Co. Container Cafe

Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café | © Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café
On the off chance that you like it hot and cold, it’s an ideal opportunity to drop by this peculiar rural style holder bistro for a warm latte and a frosted drain tea. Milk teas come in an assortment of hues (ahem, we mean, flavors), and your every some Joe comes sensitive with a touch of nibble.


Barista at Just Want Coffee

Just Want Coffee | © Just Want Coffee
With nourishment this attractive, who needs life partners? The dinners are incredible esteem for-cash, the cakes are meltingly bite the dust commendable (particularly the tiramisu), and the espresso is justified regardless of this present bistro’s name. Simply need espresso? This present bistro’s way in front of you.


Drinks at Shakespeare

Shakespeare | © Shakespeare
On the off chance that “a man can pass on however once” (don’t recollect your Henry IV?), at that point possibly it’s best incredible, with a Shakespeare milkshake. The thick, smooth, smooth is compared with a spotless, moderate setting, and on the off chance that you add a couple of snacks to your evening break, your once-in-adecadence -lifetime demise may well be justified, despite all the trouble.


Faculty of Caffeine waffle

Faculty of Caffeine Waffle | © Faculty of Caffeine Waffle
On the off chance that you like rich, sweet-smelling, complex espressos, wind up comfortable here. They have the typical kept running of espresso choices, in addition to a tasty waffle-and-frozen yogurt sided coffee, which might be the reason you return again tomorrow.


Coffee Signature

Coffee Signature | © Coffee Signature
Morning joy arrives in a glass, and in the event that you don’t trust us, the espresso here will persuade you. Hearty and rich, the fragrance of consummately simmered, ground, and refined espresso will make you somewhat dazed, and you’ll need to re-focus yourself with a croissant sandwich — best arranged with sauteed mushrooms and eggs, obviously.


Monsta Cafe latte

Monsta Cafe | © Monsta Cafe
Drop by for munchies and Monstas at this eccentric child well disposed bistro. Beverages run the full range of espressos milkshakes, sustenance runs East and West, and children run the play region. The bistro is likewise open to bookings for birthday celebrations and uncommon events.

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