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Business Travel Visa 

For most Malaysians, we have the luxury to travel visa free to many countries, and this is thanks to the Commonwealth agreement among each of the countries. Over the years, we have traveled without issues to many countries without the hassle of applying for any type of visa.

But since the last ten years or so, more Malaysians are getting adventurous and starting to travel to new destinations, and a little further than the regular destinations around Southeast Asia.

Why Malaysians Love Traveling

Why Malaysians Love Traveling

Why Malaysians Love Traveling

The mushrooming of budget airlines in Malaysia and around the region has been the biggest contributor to the rise of travel among Malaysians.

In fact, it has become a normal weekly or monthly affair for friends or families to be traveling somewhere out of Malaysia.

Another reason for this is also thanks to the many long weekends from the public holidays that Malaysia observes. Yes, Malaysia is one of the rare countries that sees over 17 public holidays

If you ask any Malaysia if they have been to Bali or Bangkok, chances are that they have been not once, but several times!

Well, this goes to show how much Malaysians travel nowadays, and why some travelers opt for further and no to commercialized destinations.

There are a few ways you can do this, and of course the most common one is by visiting the embassy of the country you want to visit.

How To Apply For Travel Visas for Malaysians

How To Apply For Travel Visas for Malaysians

But many people who are first time travelers would not know the proper procedures in getting a visa, hence you should always do your homework on the country you are visiting.

Back many years ago, Japan used to require a travel visa to visit, but in recent years, the Japanese government decided to waive the visa requirement for Malaysians, making travel there easy.

China however, still requires a travel visa, and no matter which part of mainland China you visit, you still need to get one done beforehand.

Through my research, I actually did find information for China visa application, which was very helpful.

types of travel visas

types of travel visas

Single Entry Visa – This visa is used when you visit a country only once. For example, if you are visiting Beijing in China for a holiday, you simple need to apply for this one time single entry visa.

Multiple Entry Visa – Similar as the single entry, this visa allows you to travel to the country as many times as you like throughout the duration of the visa. Example would be if you are in love with Tokyo and plan to visit there again and again, the multiple entry visa is recommended.

Transit Visa – This is a common visa for anyone who is traveling to Europe and transits in Dubai or Qatar and want to explore the transit country. For example, if you are traveling to London or Europe on any Middle Eastern airlines, you will most definitely be transiting at one of the countries of the United Arab Emirates. And you will want to spend at least a day or two there, where a transit visa is required.

Visa On Arrival – This is when you arrive at the airport and get a visa on your arrival. Some countries practice this, and you simply fill up a visa form. Certain countries have waived the visa fees, but some still require you to pay for the visa on arrival.

Business Travel Visa – This is only if you are traveling for business and you can apply for a business visa to the selected countries. In this case, a family traveling may have the father or mother going there for business and leisure, and bringing along the family. The working adult applies for the business visa while the family members apply for the travel visa.

Business Travel Visa 

Business Travel Visa

Cause of Concerns
While many think it is easy to get a visa and just travel to the desired country, there are very rare cases where visitors have been turned away at the arrival from immigration officers.

Yes, we think it may never happen to any of us, but there have been cases where tourist have been denied entry to a country even he or she has all the proper documents and visas.

This is completely out of your hands as the immigration officers at the arrival country have the right to do this. There could be many reasons for this, and you should be prepared for any sudden emergencies like this.

The China visa application form

The China visa application form

Second, at times, immigration officers will question you on arrival, asking you all sorts of questions, and if you do not answer them correctly, this is where many visitors get sent back. First of all, it is always recommended to dress smart casual when entering a country, as you do not want to look dodgy or shady. These are warning signs for immigration officers on duty.

Questions are usually about where you are staying at, why are you visiting the country, and how much money are you carrying.

In order to pass the checks, you need to look presentable, have your visa paperwork in order and never look nervous.

The China Visa once applied to your passport

Again, this article was written purely for Malaysians as we do love to travel nowadays, and at times, we often overlook many things. Conclusion

It is highly important to know if the country you are visiting requires a travel visa, hence you need to get this done at least a month before your travel.

China is a popular destination for many Malaysians, and a travel visa is still required for you to visit any part of China. There are services where you can do this online, or visit the Australian Embassy to get this done.

While flights are abundance, and with many airlines to choose from, most Malaysians are penny wise and always go for the cheapest and best deal. With so many choices, I often look at many websites and eventually found one to book cheapflights for my travels.

The long lines at one of the China immigration

The long lines at one of the China immigration

At the end of the day, I would stress to always find out beforehand about general information of the country you are visiting. Remember, if you are a first time visitor to China, you need to follow the instructions of completing the online visa application before you head to the China Embassy to get your visa.

The main thing to check if the country requires you to have a visa before visiting, and how long the visa application will take.

As many would say, it is better to be prepared rather than get caught off guard, especially if you love to do thing last minute or on the eleventh hour.

So, for Malaysians, I recommend getting your travel visa information beforehand, as it will save you heaps of unwanted issues.

What is DMC

What is DMC ? First Of all we need to know that,  A Travel DMC provides native destination supply and they work as an extension of your company.

A DMC (Destination Management Company) supply the subsequent supply services in various destination; Meet and Greet, Transfers / Transportation, building Accommodation, Restaurants, Activities, Excursions, Conference Venues, Themed Events and Gala Dinners. Naturally, DMCs assist with overcoming any language barriers.

What Does The Destination Management Companies Do ?

A DMC should be somebody that you simply will relate to and trust, while they assist you on each an artless and skilled level. They’re usually able to give advantageous rates supported the shopping for power that they need with their most popular suppliers.
The on top of is simply a basic summary of services that a DMC will give in various destinations :

Singapore DMC
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Hong Kong DMC
Malaysia DMC
Thailand DMC

Things To Do In Langkawi

Welcome to an Island Paradise. Here rice paddies dither with rich tropical rain-woods and disconnected shorelines set the scene for dazzling dusks. It’s anything but difficult to invest weeks lazing around on Langkawi’s fine beaches while eating up tasty Malaysian sustenance however in case you’re chomped by the movement bug, there’s huge amounts of activities in Langkawi.

Leasing a vehicle is without a doubt the most ideal approach to investigate the island. There are various vehicle rental stalls at the airplane terminal and rental costs begin from as meager as £8/day. Here’s a short video within recent memory on the island and a rundown of our most loved activities in Langkawi, Malaysia

1) Go Island Hopping

Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands found simply off the bank of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. Obviously there are many chances to investigate the little islands scattered around the principle possessed island. It’s anything but difficult to book multi day visit on a sailboat or speed vessel and visit a couple of islands. Anyway we’re not enormous enthusiasts of the bundle visits that incorporate stereotypical pit stops such as Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden) in light of the fact that such day trips include sightseers being stuffed like sardines into stuffed water crafts and controlled stops at as of now stick pressed islands.

Rather we would profoundly prescribe leasing a vessel for multi day at Kuah Jetty or Tanjung Rhu Jetty (ensure you deal!) to investigate uninhabited islands. Approach the boatman for proposals and substance out an agenda before you begin off for the day. In case you’re in the state of mind for something liberal and ultra-sentimental, check out Casa Del Mar’s Castaway Picnic  – a gourmet excursion on a remote island only for the couple being referred to. It’s ideal 🙂

Things to do in Langkawi

2) Sample Local Food

Langkawi’s nearby nourishment is a wide range of glimmering. The two of us have a long standing affection illicit relationship with Malaysian sustenance, which we’ve expounded on ordinarily it’s simply the ideal mix of sweet, acrid, and hot. Our most loved places in Langkawi?

  • Nasi Kandar (Tomato Restaurant) is one of our most loved frequents in Langkawi – it’s open 24 hours per day. It’s extremely prevalent with local people and is ideal for breakfast, lunch, or supper. The rambling eatery has a lucky determination of Roti Canai (£0.20 – £0.80), Mee Goreng (£0.40), Malay curries (£1 – £2) at costs that will prop you up back for additional. An expression of alert – post for the first “Tomato Restaurant” in light of the fact that there are a reasonable couple of thump offs. The genuine article is on Jalan Pantai Tengah, simply off Jalan Pantai Cenang.
  • On the off chance that you appreciate Laksa, you should attempt the Laksa vans arranged close to the Langkawi Airport. Our sources let us know Laksa Power is the best of the bundle. Umm – so great.
  • In case you’re after a light bite, hit the daily night advertise. The market is at a better place each night. Pick delectable satays, murtabak (flatbreads layered with minced sheep) and an Iced Milo (or Milo Dinosaur as it is known in South-East Asia) or Malaysian Syrup, a splendidly coloured cold drink.
Things to do in Langkawi street food

3) Go For A Mangrove Tour With Dev’s Adventure Tours

Float through the confounded mangroves of Langkawi on a speed watercraft or kayak while spotting snakes, hawks, monkeys, crabs, and snails. Wonder about the skirt-like trees that flourish in this puzzling swampy territory and tune in to the call of the cicadas. Keep in mind to visit Langkawi’s well known Bat Cave on your Mangrove Tour. This creepy surrender is 390 million (that’s right, you heard that right!!) years old. Its dividers are fixed with many bats and shake structures – stalactites, stalacmites, straws, and models all made of shake brag of the imprints left on this buckle after some time.

Attempt to decide on an eco-accommodating visit organization that does its bit for nature. This is particularly imperative in Langkawi in light of the fact that its sensitive eco-framework is imperiled by unlicensed visit administrators who don’t regard speed limits forced by UNESCO and don’t reconsider before forcibly feeding feathered creatures and creatures. We picked a visit with Dev’s Adventure Tours subsequent to soliciting a couple from local people and would prescribe the organization. They have a large group of instructed guides on board who regard nature and don’t abuse creatures.

Things to do in Langkawi

4) Relax At Tanjung Rhu Beach

There are shorelines and after that there’s Tanjung Rhu. Situated at the northernmost tip of the island, this shoreline is straight out of a fantasy. A confined fine shoreline ignoring stray islands is encompassed by limestone precipices and Langkawi’s celebrated rain-woodlands.

A piece of this shoreline is saved for the visitors of Tanjung Rhu Resort yet not very numerous individuals realize that whatever is left of it is available to general society. That may be the reason it’s never excessively swarmed. Indeed, you would be unable to discover in excess of twelve individuals there at some random time – ideal for staring off into space and other such 🙂

In case you’re up for a pontoon ride, you could lease a watercraft at Tanjung Rhu Jetty and explore Gua Cherita (Cave of Legends). This arrangement of two limestone caverns sits amidst turquoise blue waters. Gua Cherita is covered in secret. As indicated by nearby old stories, the Princess of China was caught and kept prisoner inside the caves by Garuda, Lord Vishnu’s bird. However she was in the end rejoined with her perfect partner – the Roman ruler – at Gua Cherita.


Things to do in Langkawi
Tanjung Rhu Beach aka Paradise
Things to do in Langkawi - Tanjung Rhu
Tanjung Rhu Beach – secluded and perfect!

5) Unwind At Wu Senses Sanctuary

Wu Senses is Mandarin for Five Senses and beyond any doubt enough this is a withdraw that will stir your faculties of taste, smell, sight, contact, and feeling. Possessed by an amiable Chinese woman Pei, this withdraw is situated amidst rich paddy fields. Pei Pei’s home is impeccable in the event that you need to investigate Langkawi on a financial plan. She lets out the whole house on Air B&B. Lemongrass trees and loungers welcome you as you enter this conventional wooden Malay house including two roomy rooms, an enormous verandah, kitchen, and lounge area. Pei has worked in extravagance spas for over 10 years and is a brilliant masseuse and gourmet specialist. Ensure you test her home-cooked sustenance and electrifying back rubs on the off chance that you remain at Wu Senses Sanctuary. Our most loved part? The back rub studio has substantial windows disregarding bougainvillea trees and paddy fields – a back rub here will undoubtedly put you settled inside seconds 🙂

6) Drive To Gunung Raya – Langkawi’s Highest Mountain

A beautiful drive on a winding street will take you to Gunung Raya, Langkawi’s most elevated mountain.If you cherish spotting untamed life, at that point you may be in for a treat on this drive. We recognized the screen reptile and the ever subtle long-tailed Macaque (see our video above). When you’re at the highest point of the mountain, you could take the lift to the highest point of the Watch Tower for some genuinely dazzling scenes of Langkawi. On a sunny morning, it’s anything but difficult to recognize Langkawi’s rich rainforests, its network of streets, and 360° perspectives of Langkawi’s dazzling normal magnificence. This is the ideal spot to observe one of Langawi’s well known nightfalls.

Things to do in Langkawi

7) Step On That Cable Car 

No rundown of activities in Langkawi would be finished without a notice of the Cable Car. Indeed it is one of Langkawi’s most touristy attractions, yet you can’t leave the island without encountering the world’s most elevated link vehicle ride can you?

Help yourself out and avoid the fairly tatty Oriental Village that is a piece of the complex. Rush toward the Cable Car. After an unstable 15 minute ride on the world’s steepest link vehicle, trailed by an additional 30 minutes of trusting that the mists will clear, you will be rewarded with this eminent perspective of lavish tropical woodlands, turquoise water, and a considerable lot of Langkawi’s 104  islands – it’s absolutely worth the hold up 🙂

Things to do in Langkawi cable car
Langkawi’s Cable Car

8) Hike to the Durian Perangin and Temurun Waterfalls 

There is no lack of cascades in Langkawi however Durian Perangin and Temurun Waterfalls would need to be our favourites. Durian Perangin is certainly the more well known of the two – it is by all accounts local people’s most loved outing spot on the island. You will recognize a couple of shops at the passage. Be set up for a precarious trip once you enter –  Durian Perangin is a multi-layered cascade and there are all encompassing focuses at consistently. The cascade isn’t especially fantastic however it’s allowed to enter and certainly justified regardless of a visit. Ensure you convey your swimwear – you could join local people for a plunge in the shallow shake pools made by the falls.

Temurun Waterfall, near Datai Beach, is the lesser known about the two. The 3-layered cascade goes through beautiful surroundings as you likely found in the video above. Ensure you don’t convey sustenance as there are a reasonable couple of macaque monkeys around. We climbed as far as possible up to the highest level and invested some energy at the stone pool – we were the main ones there at the time, so we had the cascade all to ourselves. Aah!!

An expression of alert :- Langkawi’s cascades are decreased to a stream amid the dry season. You’re in an ideal situation skipping them totally on the grounds that a visit will undoubtedly abandon you baffled. September, October, and November are the greatest months to visit the cascades. A climb to one of these cascades is unquestionably one of the more dynamic activities in Langkawi – subsequent to lazing on the shoreline for 4 days we respected the moderate action 😉

We were the only ones around at Temurun Waterfall the day we visited 🙂

9) Talk To The People

It’s a reality all around recognized that island society are the most joyful individuals on the planet (sorry Jane Austen!). We met such upbeat individuals amid our stay in Langkawi – wherever we went local people made us feel comfortable. That is most likely why we never needed to clear out. Here are a portion of the grins we enountered and the tales behind them :-

  • Langkawi is overwhelmingly Muslim, so Friday is seen as a week by week occasion. Each Friday, Muslims assemble for petitions in the various mosques scattered around the island. This is trailed by family trips. These kids were sat on the table alongside our own and went through 20 minutes irritating their folks for a second round of sweet. At some point amid those 20 minutes, they took an extravagant to my camera and came to sit with us. We got talking and went through the whole evening with them. after 3 hours, I needed to tear Savi far from this fiendish part. Such fakes 🙂
  • Gorgeous smiles everywhere

  • We pulled up on the side of the road to sample some street food. That’s when we spotted this lady frying banana fritters. I walked up to her to ask her if I could click a photo of the fritters – she called her grandsons out of the adjoining house and the next half an hour was spent clicking their photos. On getting back, we got the photos printed and sent the prints all the way to Langkawi 🙂

10) Watch the sun go down at Pantai Cenang

Langkawi’s nightfalls are popular and not without reason. The hues at nightfall are literally breathtaking. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi’s fundamental strip, is stick pressed with shoreline front lodgings and restaurants. Make beyond any doubt you drop by for beverages or a languorous dinner as you watch the sky turn ochre, indigo, and violet at the same time.

Sunset from La Sal, Casa Del Mar’s in-house restaurant

Things To Do in Georgetown

Georgetown is a person on foot agreeable city, with an all around arranged arrangement of streets and ways interfacing one end of Penang’s funding to the next. Here, bunches of irregular goodness has been combined to result in a city that is simply so energetic – think, beautiful road workmanship personifications appropriate next to hundreds of years old sanctuaries, and you are flawless. There is an abundance of inventiveness, in addition to a commitment to safeguarding this island state’s frontier legacy and proof of this can be discovered pretty much all over the place, from the indigo-blue Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion to the luxurious Kek Lok Si Temple. What we cherish best about Georgetown is that albeit nearly everything is inside strolling separation, you don’t need to walk in the event that you would prefer not to – just contract a splendidly hued trishaw and be conveyed to the passageway of every sanctuary and workmanship filled road!

1 Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

One of Penang’s most conspicuous attractions, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is a stately 1880s estate that emerges due to its strongly expressive indigo-blue veneer. Planned in conventional Hakka-Teochew style, it was safeguarded from demolish during the 1990s and changed over into a boutique legacy inn – a preservation venture that proceeded to win various structural honors. It has even been included in worldwide movies, for example, the 1993 Oscar-winning French film Indochine and the widely praised 2009 film The Blue Mansion, and additionally a few TV programs on systems, for example, CNN, The History Channel, and the BBC. Under its rooftop you will discover 38 rooms that include craftsmanship nouveau recolored glass, Straits Chinese floor tiles, 220 timber-outline windows, seven staircases and five stone cleared patios. You can visit the house on a one-hour guided visit or you .

2 clan jetties

Found straight down from Lebuh Chulia, the Clan Jetties – a progression of six piers that shape some portion of the Penang Heritage Trail – is charged as one of the last bastions of old Chinese settlements on the island. At first a wood yard covered with boards and kindling, after the development of the Quay in 1882, the waterfront was produced with short open landing stages (piers). In time, settlements developed on these establishments, with each named and commanded by specific factions. Because of steady contention over access and imposing business model of work transfers on the docks, connections between the tribes were exceptionally opposing and regularly prompted harsh battles and question. Seven distinct factions still dwell at the Clan Jetties: the Lim, Chew, Tan and Yeoh wharfs are the most established and the Koay, Lee and Mixed Surname piers were assembled a short time later ..

3 Kapitan Keling Mosque

Worked in 1801 by Penang’s first Indian Muslim pilgrims (East India Company troops), the Indo-Moorish Kapitan Keling Mosque is a Penang milestone, set at the intersection of Lebuh Buckingham and Lebuh Pitt. The biggest mosque in Georgetown, it was named after the ‘kapitan’ of the Keling (a pioneer of the South Indian people group like the pioneer of the Chinese people group), Cauder Mydin Merican. The whitewashed mosque is finished with huge brilliant yellow Mughal-style arches, bows and stars and highlights a solitary, commonplace Indian-Islamic minaret from which the sound of the azan (call to supplication) can be heard. It used to spread crosswise over 18 sections of land however presently envelops just eight (the land was guaranteed by the administration for the development of streets); on the off chance that you need to visit, will require the consent of mosque authorities. Observe, that just legitimately attired guests are permitted entrance..

4 Kek Lok Si Temple

Remaining on a peak at Air Itam, Kek Lok Si is Malaysia’s biggest Buddhist sanctuary, involving a progression of religious communities, supplication corridors, sanctuaries and flawlessly finished patio nurseries. A national symbol, worked in 1890, the ten-section of land site is isolated into three zones: the lower dimension of the complex contains the slope entrance, trinket, sustenance and beverages slows down and the turtle freedom lake. The center area houses sanctuaries, plants, a pagoda and the four superb lords structure, while the ridge is home to a colossal statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin and also more gardens and sanctuaries.

5 Khoo Kongsi

One of Georgetown’s most intriguing attractions, Khoo Kongsi is the most well known faction house in Penang, assembled around 650 years prior on Jalan Acheh, off Lebuh Pitt. A kongsi (group house) is a working in which Chinese groups of a similar surname accumulate to adore their progenitors. They were at first created as a route for nineteenth century foreigners to gather as one as per their individual areas. Khoo Kongsi is an amazing structural accomplishment, said to be the most noteworthy family house in Southeast Asia. At the stature of the Khoo family’s unmistakable quality, experts from China were appointed to construct this engineering gem, which is otherwise called Dragon Mountain Hall. Remaining on a square of rock with stone carvings that enhance the passageway lobby, inside there are structures, wall paintings depicting birthday celebrations ..

6 Kuan Yin Temple

Penang’s most established sanctuary, Kuan Yin Temple is determined to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (recently known as Pitt Street). Worked in 1728, at the expense of 4,000 Spanish dollars (an august aggregate at the time) it was developed by early outsider pioneers from China out of appreciation for the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. More seasoned than the kongsis (tribe houses) of Penang, it was initially utilized for religious as well as for social capacities inside the Chinese people group. The sanctuary highlights exemplary Chinese design with carvings of monsters around the stone columns, high roofs, and earthenware models of mythical serpents coating the rooftop edges: be that as it may,

7 Fort Cornwallis

The biggest standing post in Malaysia, Fort Cornwallis was before an amazing star-molded bastion proposed as a guarded structure against privateers, Kedah powers and even the French amid the Napoleonic Wars. Worked in 1786, it is set near the Esplanade and Penang Clocktower and was named after Marquis Charles Cornwallis: despite the fact that it was planned for the Royal big guns troops and the military, it served an authoritative capacity as opposed to an effectively protective one. Crossing 4490sqft, initially it was worked as a stockade with no lasting structures: today just an arrangement of ten foot-high external dividers stay, with an encased stop inside.

8 Penang Street Art

Making a walk around Georgetown’s lanes significantly all the more intriguing, in 2012 Penang’s city committee procured London-prepared Lithuanian craftsman, Ernest Zacharevic, and entrusted him with breathing new life into a portion of the environmental Chinese shop-houses around the internal city. A push to bring forth consciousness of the rich history of the avenues, the task was a win with Zacharevic transforming certain territories into flourishing traveler goals that additionally turned into the much-discussed protest of consideration among locals.    His craftsmanship is spread out over Penang’s downtown area, along streets like Muntri Street, Weld Quay, Lebuh Leith, Armenian Street, Ah Quee Street and the sky is the limit from there. The most broadly known is the 20-foot ..

9 Escape Adventureplay

Departure Adventureplay is a recently opened amusement stop in Penang, planned fundamentally as a vacation spot. An environmentally agreeable endeavor coordinated perfectly inside the normal scene encompassing it, the recreation center has picked up prominence for its assortment of water and excite rides. A portion of its energizing exercises incorporate the Powerfan, a freefall plunge from a 13m or 30m pinnacle and the Tubby Ride, a gravity ride where members sit on an inward cylinder and explore through a curving scene. Security is considered important at SIM Leisure Escape so guests can rest guaranteed that stop authorities have guaranteed that the rides at this family-situated complex are 100% safe Read more..

10 Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is a Hindu sanctuary set on Lebuh Queen and Lebuh Chulia in Georgetown’s minimized Little India region: worked in 1833, the sanctuary is devoted to the Hindu god, Lord Subramaniam. Otherwise called the Arulmigu Sri Maha mariamman Temple or Queen Street Indian Temple, it is the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary on the island. An ordinary case of Hindu engineering, worked in the southern Indian Dravidian style, sparkling jewels and valuable stones are a piece of its façade and it is ruled by a 23.5ft-tall gopuram (entrance entryway). This four-layered pinnacle has 38 brilliantly shaded figures of fighters, Hindu divine beings and goddesses and flower adornments, in addition to four swans. The pinnacle speaks to Mt. Meru, the divine mountain that holds up the sky, and the domain of the divine beings which starts in the sanctuary compound. Pujas (supplications) at the sanctuary occur in the mornings (07:30) and nighttimes (18:30).

5 Invaluable Malaysia Travel Tips For First time Visitors

5 Invaluable Malaysia Travel Tips For First time Visitors

Malaysia is a standout amongst the most assorted nations with a populace involving different ethnicities whose impacts can broadly be found in its rich cooking. Glance around and you can at present observe hints of its pioneer past in stately old structures like the incomplete Kellie’s Castle and City Hall. Albeit one regularly gets the feeling that Malaysia’s tied in with clamoring urban areas and shopping locale, it has a fantastically rich common landscape. Malaysia is a simple place to head out to notwithstanding for beginners. Be that as it may, similar to any nation, it pays to realize a couple of things before streaming off. Look at these Malaysia travel tips that will make your get-away one to recall.

5 Malaysia Trips You Need To Know Before You Go

Malaysia is without a doubt outstanding amongst other spots to occasion, however to ensure that your experience remains faultless as well, it’s most extreme critical to plan and pack carefully. Investigate these best tips that’ll enable you to take advantage of your vacation.

1. About What To Pack And What To Wear

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Malaysia is situated close to the equator and appreciates a tropical atmosphere. It’s hot and damp for the greater part of the year in spite of the fact that the good countries are cooler. All things considered, you won’t need to wear woolens. Our Malaysia travel tips for apparel incorporate choosing lightweight garments like cottons and things with a free fit. Go for light hues also and maintain a strategic distance from dark no matter what! You need to reflect warm and not ingest it.

Malaysia is an advanced nation yet it’s as yet preservationist particularly in specific regions. Uncovering excessively exposed skin is disliked and will bring about objecting looks. In case you’re intending to visit a position of love, you will be required to cover your hair or wear ordinary apparel. All things considered, bring two or three scarves, lightweight jeans and long skirts to wear to these spots.

2. About Transport In Malaysia

transport in malaysia tip

Urban areas in Malaysia are very much associated and getting around is simple. Taxicabs, transports and prepares can be utilized to get starting with one place then onto the next. In case you’re in Kuala Lumpur, KL Sentral Station is your primary concern of flight as it interfaces the city to numerous different areas.

Real urban communities offer economical open transportation like transports. They’re likewise a helpful method to travel. Taxicabs, in the mean time, are the most down to earth approach to move between short separations. Notwithstanding, they are unmetered and you’ll have to settle on a charge heretofore. In the event that you have to travel far, you can decide on a long-separate taxi or an intercity transport. For some, explorers, taxis are the best decision for short separations and open transport for whole deals.

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3. About Food

Next on our Malaysia travel control is nourishment. In the same way as other Southeast Asian nations, road nourishment is enormously prominent on the grounds that it’s modest and delightful. You can discover it anyplace however the best is in the capital of Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Rojak (leafy foods plate of mixed greens), apom balik (stuffed hotcake) and koay chiap (duck and noodle soup) are a couple of instances of well known road sustenances to attempt. There are a lot more with each apparently superior to the following! Contingent upon what you eat and where, road nourishment as a rule doesn’t cost more than INR 200.

4. About Best Places To Visit In Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is the primary spot that rings a bell when you intend to visit Malaysia. Nonetheless, there are different goals that are similarly as captivating. Look at our Malaysia short outing proposals and those for longer excursions.

Rawa Island: Ideal for a restful occasion, Rawa Island is a lovely coral island in Johor. It’s known for its plenitude of white birds called rawa, which gave the island its name. Swimming is one of the principle activities here and you can invest days investigating the marine life.

Penang: The province of Penang is rich with vacationer hotspots, for example, the capital of George Town and its interesting old town focus. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is spotted with old structures including religious foundations and provincial structures. As you move far from the city, you’ll find unspoiled shorelines and angling towns clamoring with activity. Penang Hill and Penang National Park offers staggering climbing openings and in case you’re an admirer of the outside, you’ll appreciate the landscape and investigating the natural life.

Langkawi: Around 100 islands make up the archipelago of Langkawi. The principle island flaunts green slopes and a stupendous shoreline that coaxes voyagers to investigate it. Plunging is immense here and is simply the most ideal approach to familiarize with the marine attractions.

While here, you can lease a pocket WiFi gadget to keep in contact with friends and family and, obviously, associate online to share fortunate photographs! Langkawi has no open transport framework so getting around means you’ll need to walk, contract a taxi or best, lease a bike.

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s capital is a place that is humming with vitality. The cutting edge city is a definitive shopping and nightlife spot in the nation. It’s likewise home to the Petronas Towers, twin high rises that at one time were the tallest structures on earth. Traveler focuses like the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery give you a gander at the capital’s history through dioramas and guided visits. Kuala Lumpur likewise flaunts the Batu Caves, which is a limestone cave lodging altars.

Johor Bahru: Johor’s capital, Johor Bahru, is a dynamic city with a blend of old sanctuaries, mosques and amusement parks. It’s likewise home to the nation’s first universal amusement stop, Legoland. It isn’t simply kids who will appreciate it; grown-ups will have an astounding time as well!

Out of the blue guest, Legoland Malaysia travel tips incorporate booking a taxi ahead of time back to your lodging. It will enable you to abstain from paying an over the top charge to get a ride home from cabs holding up outside the recreation center. Like most amusement parks, sustenance is costly so consider eating already!

5. About Best Things To Do In Malaysia

things to do in malaysia tip

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The principal movement on our Malaysia control is to take in the sights, for example, Legoland, George Town and the shorelines. When you’ve verified them, you can move to different spots.

One of our movement tips for Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is to investigate Jalan Alor where nourishment is by all accounts wherever you look. Go at night when the road wakes up with merchants peddling flavorful Malaysian toll. In case you’re in Langkawi, go island-jumping to find what the archipelago brings to the table. Half-day and entire day visits can be reserved alongside exercises like swimming and plunging. Try not to miss a visit to Malacca where you can investigate the engineering and appreciate the red veneer structures.


When it comes to top activities in Kuala Lumpur, you have a few alternatives to browse. Regardless of whether you’re a gathering creature, or a profound soul, this city will welcome you with amazements each and every day. Looking at the city’s horizon from Petronas’ 86th floor, shopping till you drop, and sanctuary bouncing are a portion of the best activities in Kuala Lumpur that you just can’t miss.

This blog entry highlights rundown of exercises in Kuala Lumpur which will make your vacation more noteworthy. Ensure you add the ones you want to your schedule!

1. Go to Petrona Towers’ 86th floor to behold Kuala Lumpur’s stunning cityscape

Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur

The star of Kuala Lumpur’s horizon, Petronas Towers happens to be the tallest twin towers on the planet and obviously one of Kuala Lumpur’s best attractions. Also, looking at the cityscape from the Observation Deck at its 86th floor, clearly is, among the best activities in Kuala Lumpur.

The guests are first taken to the Skybridge (41st story), where they’re enlightened all the more regarding the building’s design. The view is entrancing from up above, uniquely during the evening, when city’s altogether lit up and the brilliant moving wellsprings directly underneath add more appeal to the display.

Timing: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Shut on Mondays and open occasions. Last visit space at 8:30 pm.

2. Visit Aquaria KLCC and let the underwater world fascinate you

Underwater tunnel in Aquaria KLCC

Inside strolling separation from the Petronas Twin Towers is the place you’ll locate the enthralling Aquaria KLCC – an oceanarium that is home to 250 unique types of land and sea-going creatures from over the world. In case you’re pondering what to do in Kuala Lumpur , put this one at the highest priority on your rundown, in light of the fact that here your jaws will get into the genuine business of being dropped insanely.

When strolling through the 90-meter-long submerged passage, sharks, manta beams, and turtle will swim by or more you. You wouldn’t consider looking somewhere else.

Exhibits: Sharks, otters, piranha, jellyfish, seahorse, turtle, comedian fish, and the sky is the limit from there.

Timing: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

3.  Visit KLCC Bird Park, the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary

Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur

KL Bird Park, or Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur is considered as a part of the top vacation destinations of Malaysia. Located in the midst of the rich scenes of KL Lake Gardens, the Bird Park brags of being world’s biggest free-flight stroll in aviary, traversing over a zone of 20.9 sections of land. It houses in excess of 60 types of bright flying creatures, the majority of them flying openly in the zone, while the guests stroll past them, or snap pictures with them.

In case you’re a winged animal sweetheart, there is no doubt as ‘where to go in Kuala Lumpur’ for you! There likewise are every day exercises like Free Flying Birds Feeding, Ostrich Feeding, and Bird Show booked for various timings as the day progressed.

Exhibits: Hornbill, ostrich, peacock, stork, parrot, falcon, and the sky is the limit from there.

Timing: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

4. Give your tastebuds a delight of delicious flavors

Kuala Lumpur street food

Kuala Lumpur is a mixture of culture, and subsequently the nourishment you arrive have a place with various districts, and are for sure for the most part arranged by the general population of same ethnicity. From steaming biryanis, to cheeselicious pizzas, Kuala Lumpur is there to satisfy your tastebuds, and your spirit.

Going on a sustenance walk is a standout amongst other activities in Kuala Lumpur, essentially for the foodies, considering the crazy assortment, for various pocket sizes.

Best eateries in Kuala Lumpur: Restoran Super Kitchen, Restaurant Rocky, Dining in the Dark, El Cerdo, and Thirty8

Best veggie lover eateries in Kuala Lumpur: The Ganga Cafe, Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant, Water Lily Vegetarian Restaurants, and Bombay Palace

What to eat in Kuala Lumpur: Fish Head Curry, Char Kway Teow, Fried Bananas, Ice Kacang, Chili Pan Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, and Satay

5. Connect with your spiritual side at the grand shrines in Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the place societies mix delightfully, you’ll go over numerous religious hallowed places here and every one is a wonder in itself. The Chinese temples attract with their red-washed structures with gold tinges, the mosques spellbind with fancy vaults, and Hindu templespull with their colorful figures. Regardless of whether you aren’t generally a religious individual, the design brightness of the places of worship in Kuala Lumpur will encourage you to advance inside.

Well known religious sanctuaries in and around Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves, Thean Hou Temple, National Mosque of Malaysia, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Holy Rosary Church, and Federal Territory Mosque

6. Delve into the local heritage of Kuala Lumpur

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur

Starting a stand out from the sparkling high rises of Kuala Lumpur are the fastidiously enhanced legacy milestones like Sultan Abdul Samad Building. This worldwide city gloats of present day ways of life, yet its history too has been grasped precisely; and this is something makes legacy walk one of the best activities in Kuala Lumpur.

Top chronicled tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur: Royal Selangor Club, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, and Old Railway Station

Best Museums to visit in Kuala Lumpur: Islamic Arts Museum, National Museum, National Visual Arts Gallery, Royal Malaysian Police Museum, and Illusion 3D Art Museum

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7. Go for a nature walk in the lovely surroundings

Kuala Lumpur Forest Eco Park

Kuala Lumpur isn’t just about the advanced way of life and design brightness. The city additionally deals with condition, permitting local people and guests rapidly escape to scenic nature around. There are numerous nature trails that enable you to losing yourself in the midst of verdant environs. A nature walk is among the best activities in Kuala Lumpur.

Where to go for nature stroll in Kuala Lumpur: KL Forest Eco Park

8. Unleash the shopaholic in you

Petaling Street entry in Kuala Lumpur

At the point when in Kuala Lumpur, you just can’t head back home without multiplying gear. Shopping is outstanding amongst other activities in Kuala Lumpur; from road markets of Petaling to the luxurious Suria KLCC Mall, Kuala Lumpur nothing not as much as a heaven. You could be a craftsmanship sweetheart, fashionista, device addict, or only a digger for charming stuff, the city markets will ruin you with decisions!

Best places for shopping in Kuala Lumpur: Petaling Street, Central Market, Suria KLCC Mall, Kasturi Walk, and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

9. Enjoy the buzzing nightlife of Kuala Lumpur

Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur

While the days are for shopping, and visiting notable tourist spots, spare the evenings for humming parties. In spite of the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic nation, and liquor isn’t tremendously valued, Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife will abandon you tapping your feet, with your spirits high. Bar creep is among the best activities in Kuala Lumpur for the gathering sweethearts. There are a few bistros, bars, and bars in the city and you’ll really end up in a situation picking where to go in Kuala Lumpur for a night of music and move.

Top places in Kuala Lumpur to appreciate nightlife: Beach Club Cafe, Zion Club, Zouk Club, Heli Lounge Bar, and Havana Bar and Grill

10. Take daytrips with groups

Masjid Selat in Melaka - one of the top places to visit near Kuala Lumpur

There are a few spots and exercises in Kuala Lumpur yet when you’re finished investigating every last bit of it, it’s an ideal opportunity to go to suburbia. Kuala Lumpur likewise goes about as an entryway to numerous other vacationer goals of Malaysia, such as Genting Highlands. The city enables simple entry to numerous goals, on account of incessant transport and prepare administrations.

Singapore DMC

Alor Setar

Alor Setar in northwest Malaysia is the state capital of Kedah. Regularly dominated by its sister Langkawi Island, the city gets couple of guests.

The bunch of valiant voyagers who visit Alor Setar locate a cosmopolitan city encompassed by unending paddy fields. Include Zahir Mosque, among Malaysia’s best models of Islamic design, and customary shophouses unaltered in ages.

The famous Alor Setar Tower, which resembles a spaceship, overwhelms the downtown area. North Malaysia’s most seasoned stronghold and a historical center devoted to rice lie a short drive from the capital.

Find the main 25 activities in Alor Setar to get away from the traveler trail or for a helpful stopover among Penang and Langkawi.

1. Zahir Mosque: Malaysia’s most stunning mosque

Zahir MosqueSource: Muzairi Mustapa/shutterstock

Zahir Mosque

Zahir Mosque on Dataran Alor Setar (the city’s focal square) is among Malaysia’s most excellent mosques.

The five-domed Moorish structure shows complicated carvings covering its white façade. Blue mosaics sit over the passage. Arabic calligraphy enlivens the dividers. Manicured gardens supplement the outside points of interest making one of Alor Setar’s most photogenic spots.

Zahir Mosque holds a recorded job as well. Its correct area denotes the sight where Kedah warriors battled to protect their country against the Siamese in the nineteenth century.

Today, it’s a city milestone.

2. Royal coronations and weddings

Balai BesarSource: Kae Lee/shutterstock

Balai Besar, Alor Setar

The Royal Hall inverse Zahir Mosque once held imperial occasions facilitated by the Sultan of Kedah. This incorporates imperial weddings, official capacities and crowning celebrations.

Kedah’s Sultan appointed a wooden corridor in 1735. At the point when trespassers obliterated it, the Sultan revamped on a more amazing scale.

The present Royal Hall, or Balai Besar in Bahasa, has an elevated conventional energy. A triangular formed rooftop sits over an extensive lower gallery. Two winding staircases associate the outside ground floor with the upper levels.

Photographic artists can snap the best pictures from the entryways on Dataran Alor Setar.

3. Alor Setar’s stately clock tower

Big Clock Tower, Alor SetarSource: Ko Aun Lee/shutterstock

Enormous Clock Tower,

Enormous Clock Tower (Menara Jam Besar) on Dataran Alor Setar is among Malaysia’s most wonderful clock towers.

When it opened in the 1900s, the pinnacle held two purposes. It showed the time, and the muezzin in the nearby Zahir Mosque rang the chimes amid petition times.

Glimmer to the present, and the muezzin utilizes the mosque’s speakers. The peaceful clock tower still demonstrates the time right around one hundred years after the fact.

Remain in the Dataran Alor Setar and snap photos of the relatively British-pilgrim looking clock tower. Amid the day, catch its class by the encompassing extravagant engineering. After sunset, the Big Clock Tower illuminates.

4. Discover what it’s like to be a Sultan

The Sultan MuseumSource: Jensennbj/Wikimedia

The Sultan Museum

The Sultan Museum sits inside the stately expanding on the northern flank of Dataran Alor Setar.

All things considered, it resembles an European government office. Inside unending showcases cover everything about the previous Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah’s (1958-2017) life. This incorporates the late Sultan’s belonging, photos and official reports. His gathering of extravagance autos and watches fill others.

Beside its slight self important nature, the free exhibition hall offers a look into the way of life of a Malaysian Sultan. Also, the cooling gives the ideal reason to chill off.

5. Nobat Tower: The Hall of Drums

Nobat Tower, Alor SetarSource: Kae Lee/shutterstock

Nobat Tower

On first look, it’s straightforward why Nobat Tower is in some cases mistook for the Big Clock Tower. In any case, this 18 meter (59 feet) tower holds a nobler reason.

The Sultan utilized the three-layered pinnacle to store his imperial instruments. At the point when the regal family came to Kota Setar Palace, the city held an inviting service. After he exited, the instruments came back to their capacity giving the moniker Hall of Drums.

Nobat Tower adds to the magnificent design of Dataran Alor Setar.

Observe the yellow vault topping Nobat Tower giving a particular Islamic wind to a generally stately-looking structure.

6. A replica of a Sultan’s royal gate

Authorities destroyed the original Royal Gate to make way for the Wisma Negeri building in 1973.

A replica stands behind Nobat Tower as a tribute to their royal heritage. The white-washed gate covers three levels featuring arched windows and doors. Each has intricate decorations, a testament to the lavish styles of a royal house.

Take advantage of the Royal Gate’s angles and shapes to capture the surrounding architecture.

7. Kedah’s most extensive collection of local art

Kedah State Art GallerySource: Anasaiman/Wikimedia

Kedah State Art Gallery

The previous High Court on the southern piece of Dataran Alor Setar houses Kedah State Art Gallery.

Neighborhood Kedah-conceived craftsmans add to most displays which incorporate workmanship, artistic creations and establishments. Others utilize highly contrasting photos to recount the tale of country Kedah.

The structure itself is the most seasoned government working in Alor Setar.

Set aside opportunity to value the Neo-established outside before walking around its different displays.

Guests spend between 30 minutes to one hour inside the Kedah State Art Gallery. Most value the rest from the smothering warmth inside their cooled rooms.

8. The Sultan’s former palace

The Yellow Palace, or Istana Kuning in Bahasa, once went about as the official place of the Sultan of Kedah right around one century back.

Sultan Muhiyuddin Mansur Syah charged his castle in the meantime as both Zahir Mosque and the Royal Hall.

Manicured gardens encompass the great habitation. Yellow and white hues make a lively façade of this two-storied previous illustrious house.

Sightseers can’t go inside. Snap photos from the entryway close Alor Setar Tower.

9. Alien-like Alor Setar Tower

Alor Setar TowerSource: LMspencer/shutterstock

Alor Setar Tower

Relatively every picture of Kedah’s capital incorporates either Zahir Mosque or Alor Setar Tower. Looking relatively like a monster spaceship from a 1950s science fiction film, it overwhelms the horizon.

The media transmission tower remains at 165.5 meters (543 feet) and goes about as the city’s focal point. A survey stage gives all encompassing perspectives of Alor Setar and its encompassing paddy fields.

Or on the other hand make a beeline for the housetop’s spinning eatery for a sentimental night in one of the city’s most elite spots.

As a result of its size, getting a photograph of Alor Setar Tower is a test. Insane Tourist prescribes remaining on Darul Aman Highway close Zahir Mosque to catch its fantastic scale.

10. Discover Kedah’s two millennia history

Kedah State MuseumSource: Mohd Nasri Bin Mohd Zain/shutterstock

Kedah State Museum

Kedah has a rich history spreading over right around two thousand years making it among Malaysia’s most established states.

Early Buddhist-Hindu human advancements flourished in adjacent Bujang Valley for nine centuries. Kedah embraced Islam and designated a Sultan whose bloodline has ruled for the last five hundred years.

Include a concise spell under the British colonialists, and Kedah has an interesting story for those eager to tune in.

Kedah State Museum exhibits this story in ten displays. Discover what it resembles to be a Sultan and look at early Malay writing. Several old relics and ancient rarities fill the presentations as well.

11. Stand in the place where the Sultan founded Alor Setar

The Sultan of Kedah built up Alor Setar close to a stream in the mid eighteenth century. A little plaque denotes the correct area close Dataran Alor Setar.

Many Setar trees lined the little stream, or, in other words. The excellence caught the then Sultan’s consideration. In the wake of experiencing passionate feelings for the locale, he before long moved in.

Travel south from Dataran Alor Setar along Darul Aman Highway. The plaque denoting the origin is on the extension spreading over the little stream.

12. Dr Mahathir Bin Mohammad’s family home

Malaysia hit the features in 2018 when they chose Dr Mahathir as Prime Minister.

At 93 years old, he turned into the world’s most seasoned pioneer. Dr Mahathir additionally led Malaysia somewhere in the range of 1981 and 2003 for a sum of 22 years.

Be that as it may, the effective legislator and current national legend follows his modest roots to Alor Setar. The pioneer’s family home on the southern side of Kedah River is a place of worship for gave fans.

Snap photos of his origin. A historical center devoted to his life and adolescence is inside.

13. Malaysia’s first Prime Minister’s family home

Tunku Abdul Rahman was the principal PM of an autonomous Malaysia in 1957. Prior to this, Malaysia has been under Portuguese, Dutch and British provincial run since 1511.

Most urban communities have a road named in his respect and in addition Sabah’s reality renowned Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Like Dr Mahathir, the primary executive likewise hailed from Alor Setar.

The youth home is a short walk west from Dataran Alor Setar. Rumah Merdeka, relevantly meant Independence House, is both a city milestone and free gallery.

The two-storied cottage is an average living arrangement of British Malaya. The exhibition hall covers Kedah’s history and showcases belonging of the late Abdul Rahman.

14. A Chinatown unchanged in decades

Alor Setar China TownSource: Norjipin Saidi/shutterstock

Alor Setar China Town

Alor Setar’s Chinatown is among the most saved in Malaysia.

Reestablished shophouses line the two sides of the limited avenues in the reduced neighborhood. The two-storied terraced fabricating has upstairs living quarters and a ground floor workshops. Every individual house has their very own styles, enhancements and hues.

Not at all like the more outstanding shophouses in Penang, the inhabitants still play out the exchanges of their folks and grandparents.

Chinatowns in different parts of Malaysia offers shirts and teddy bears. Alor Setar has printing shops, bike repairs and equipment.

Hold onto its genuineness as you transport back to 1950s Malaysia.

15. Grab a coffee in a restored shophouse

Caffe Diem, Alor Setar

Caffe Diem, Alor Setar

A bunch of Chinatown’s shophouses have changed into cafés.

The adorned insides frequently look like their unique appearance. Request frosted espresso and appreciate at the complexities of the wooden shafts and feeble wooden staircases.

Insane Tourist suggests Caffe Diem. Respect the photographs on the dividers of a past Alor Setar. Grasp its vintage British-pilgrim style stylistic layout. Beverages are moderate, and it makes a helpful place for lunch.

Or then again go to Hai Kee Kedai Kopi for more nearby experience and taste their citywide renowned Hainanese food.

16. Sit along the shady Alor Setar Waterfront

Alor Setar Waterfront

Source: Phalinn Ooi / Flickr

Alor Setar Waterfront

Alor Setar waterfront stretches for a few hundred meters along the southern flank of Chinatown.

The attractive park overlooks the Kedah River creating a peaceful environment to soak up the views. Lighthouse Cape Chali dominates the far side overlooking the river’s confluence.

This is a favorite spot in Alor Setar with local families and amateur photographers in the cooler evening air.

Kedah River also hosts the occasional kayakers speeding along the swirling waters.

17. Taste Kedah street food at Chinatown Food Court

Mention food in Malaysia and most think of Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Malacca. Few mention Alor Setar, which has its fair share of mouthwatering dishes.

Chinatown Food Court, a five-minute walk from Dataran Alor Setar, serves Kedah-style street food. Hawker stalls surround the central seating area.

Follow your nose to the countless stalls serving nasi goreng (fried rice), satay (Malaysian kebabs) and yong tau foo (a selection of tofu and fish balls).

Meals cost a few ringgits.

18. Sunset cocktails at the Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is among the most romantic places in Alor Setar.

The rooftop restaurant has an outdoor terrace with views spanning across the city. Take a 10-minute cab from central Alor Setar in time for the sunset.

Apart from a wide selection of both Asian and Western dishes, Sky Garden also has a well-stocked bar.

If the weather is dry, sit outside with a cocktail as the sun dips over Alor Setar. Or escape the rain and humidity inside their elegant air-conditioned interior.

Despite the relatively high price of meals, this is recommended for first-time visitors and couples.

19. See the Paddy Fields

Paddy Fields, Alor Setar

Source: Radzimy / shutterstock

Paddy Fields, Alor Setar

Kedah’s countryside bursts with paddy fields.

Local farmers have grown rice near Alor Setar for centuries. Take the chance to see this rural serenity and capture the essence of Malaysia’s Kampung lifestyle.

Finding the paddy fields can be a challenge. Either ask your hotel for recommendations or look at Google Maps.

The most accessible are towards the eastern stretches of Jalan Langgar. Either take a taxi or Grab Car.

Visitors will see flooded paddy fields glistening under the sun. Two-storied wooden houses surrounded by palm trees and banana plants form their borders.

Catching the sunset over the paddy takes you away from the noise of the city and back to a simpler lifestyle many of us crave.

20. Alor Setar’s vibrant Buddhist temples

Alor Setar has a handful of Buddhist temples a short drive from the city center.

Unlike Zahir Mosque in Dataran Alor Setar, getting to the temples takes more time.

Wat Samosornrajanukpradit near Kedah State Museum exhibits a colorful exterior. Inside the smell of incense thickens the already humid air.

Chek Temple is on a grander scale. Large windows topped with intricate decorations sit underneath the red triangular roof. Bronze statues line the interior as monks chant prayers in the background.

21. An almost hidden Hindu temple

Out of Alor Setar’s Hindu Temples, Sri Thandayuthapani is the most attractive.

Located a stone’s throw from Zahir Mosque, the temple is a convenient stop after exploring the square’s architecture.

Visitors will find a decorated shrine in the middle of the complex. At certain times of the day, burning incense blends with the background chanting to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

Don’t expect lavishness. Instead, find a working temple free of tourists.

22. Embrace the spirit of rice at the Paddy Museum

Paddy MuseumSource: Ko Aun Lee/shutterstock

Paddy Museum

Kedah is the ‘Rice Bowl of Malaysia’.

Paddy fields extend towards the skyline every which way. Rice holds an extraordinary place in the core of the state.

A trek to the Kedah Paddy Museum is among the best activities in Alor Setar for anybody with over 24 hours in the city. The building itself resembles a flooding rice crate.

The three-storied historical center spreads everything about rice and its development in Kedah. The lower floor shows apparatus and presents the social job of rice. The center level gives setting to its deal and dispersion.

Be that as it may, Kedah Paddy Museum’s feature is the huge painting spreading over the third floor’s round divider. The picture delineates a scene from provincial Kedah: Farmer playing out their everyday obligations and watching out for their yield.

23. A mountain that looks like an elephant

Elephant Mountain, or Gunung Keriang in Bahasa, is a somewhat underrated attraction near Alor Setar. The limestone cliff from a distance (with a bit of imagination) looks like a crouching elephant.

Bat-filled caves, dozens of habitats and rare birds are highlights of Elephant Mountain. Follow the trails to the summit of the 218-meter (715-foot) hill for views of paddy fields.

Plan a morning or afternoon to visit both Kedah Paddy Museum and Elephant Mountain.

24. Fort Kuala Kedah: Northern Malaysia’s oldest fort

Fort Kuala KedahSource: NOOR RADYA BINTI MD RADZI/shutterstock

Fortification Kuala Kedah

Fortification Kuala Kedah is the most seasoned post in northern Malaysia going back to 1771. It’s likewise one of a bunch of staying protective units appointed by a Sultan instead of pioneer powers.

In those days, the state was under consistent assault from attacking powers from Siam (the present Thailand). Post Kuala Kedah secured the Sultan and his subjects.

The post’s intricate lies alongside the intersection of the Kedah River and Straits of Malacca. Explorers will discover the remaining parts of protective dividers, guns and a beacon.

You’ll have to take a taxi from Alor Setar to the fortification, or, in other words kilometers (8 miles) from the downtown area.

Insane Tourist prescribes a speedy visit before getting the ship (or landing from) the close-by port to Langkawi.

25. Discover 19th and 20th-century Kedah inside Fort Kuala Kedah

Fort Kuala KedahSource: NOOR RADYA BINTI MD RADZI/shutterstock

Fortification Kuala Kedah

The white-washed wooden lodge inside Fort Kuala Kedah looks relatively like a frontier home.

Aside from its photogenic engineering, it houses the Museum Gallery committed to Kedah’s history throughout the most recent 200 years.

In the mid nineteenth century, Kedah was continually battling with their north Siamese neighbors. Hardly any galleries cover this essential piece of neighborhood history and Museum Gallery.

Different presentations archive Kedah’s short association with the British homesteaders and how it changed into the state we see today.

Most Beautiful National Parks in Malaysia

Multicultural Malaysia is home to a dazzling cluster of sights and sounds that will tempt and stunningness any fortunate guest to this delightful tropical nation. Partitioned into two, its domains are part between West Malaysia, or, in other words a peninsula connected to the territory of Asia, and East Malaysiawhich lies on the island of Borneo. Subsequently, it is home to a wide assortment of different biological communities simply holding up to be investigated.

Regardless of whether it is perfect shorelines you are after, the directing nightlife of Malaysia’s clamoring urban areas or even the scrumptious Malay cooking that tempts you; this pearl of a nation has something for everybody to have a great time.

Map of National Parks in Malaysia

With such an abundance of mind boggling things to see and do, it very well may be difficult to pick the ideal schedule. To enable you to choose, here are the most delightful national stops in Malaysia; which are all definitely justified even despite a visit!

12. Gunung Ledang National Park

Gunung Ledang National Park

This beguiling national stop encompasses the overwhelming Mount Ophir which lingers drastically at the core of the wilderness that coats its slants. Fantasies and legends flourish about the birthplaces of the mount’s name and fine fog shrouds the higher domains of its slants, concealing its baffling past close by it. Ways wind their way through the lavish undergrowth ever upwards and the view from the best is amazing as you are welcomed with all encompassing perspectives of the timberland underneath. A wide assortment of birdlife lives in the rich and verdant shades that cover Gunung Ledang National Park. Cascades likewise dab Mount Ophir and a standout amongst the most prominent are the Puteri Waterfalls which offers guests the opportunity to chill after a strenuous trek in its invigorating and inviting pool.

11. Penang National Park

Penang National Park

Situated in the most distant northwest of the nation, Penang National Park has an enormous scope of exercises on offer for visitors to appreciate. A biodiversity hotspot, the recreation center is home to a shocking cluster of fauna and greenery that coat and cover each accessible surface. With delightful shorelines in abundance and fun and wild treks through the thick woods; there really is something for everybody in this stunning national stop. Regardless of whether it is relaxing on the abandoned shorelines, taking a vessel excursion to wonder about the fish beneath or setting up camp to remain the night, Penang is an asylum of peace and quiet which will unquestionably relieve your spirit. Inside the limits of the recreation center lies a Canopy Walk which offers you the opportunity to understand the backwoods from with a better point of view as you stroll along the shaky walkways fifteen meters over the ground.

10. Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park

Named after two waterways that course through it, Endau-Rompin National Park is covered in perfect tropical rainforest that makes for some superb trekking. This antiquated scene that goes back nearly 240 million years is well worth investigating on your visit to Malaysia due its lovely landscape that resemble something out of Jurassic Park. Streams, pools and cascades dab the recreation center’s premises and unearthing them after a tiring trek through the rainforest is a life-changing inclination. With the second most elevated top in Malaysia, this national stop has a bounty of common ponders that will amaze and stunningness you with their superbness. Gradually meandering along the ways that are overshadowed by the tremendous trees on either side is a freeing knowledge as you feel free and liberated, alone in nature.

9. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

An unspoiled heaven, the five islands that make up Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park are basically divine. Speeding through the wonderful blues waters to the islands, you can be excused for envisioning that you are wandering off in fantasy land such is its quality. Fluctuating in size, the majority of the islands have beautiful shorelines to unwind on and the encompassing coral reefs make for some incredible swimming and scuba plunging. In spite of the fact that the recreation center can become busy, this just exhibits its prominence and vouches for the amazing attractions on show. The lavish verdant woodlands that gradually offer approach to astonishing white shorelines that slip into the waters around them make these islands an absolute necessity find in Malaysia.

8. Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National ParkDespite the fact that it is little in stature, Lambir Hills National Park certainly punches over its weight with regards to all that is has on offer. A biodiversity hotspot that is home to a veritable zoological garden of creatures and flying creatures both substantial and little, this stop is ideal for nature darlings who will worship all that there is to see and do. Trails and ways wonderfully weave their way through the undergrowth of the woodland and, in the shade of the shelter above, winged creatures and monkeys play in the midst of the foliage. With the trees coming to up to eighty meters in tallness, you some of the time feel predominated by the abusive backwoods that trims in surrounding you. To feel a breeze on your skin and getaway from transcending trees, make for the most astounding point in the recreation center, Bukit Lambir, which likewise presents some astonishing perspectives. With cascades and detached pools scattered around the recreation center, there are an abundance of wonderful sights to disclosure in the flawless and quiet Lambir Hills.

7. Similajau National Park

Similajau National Park

Situated on the bank of the island of Borneo, this national stop is a superb mix of various assorted environments and has a tremendous list of various exercises for guests to browse. Regardless of whether you are a devoted birdwatcher, a climbing fan or enthusiastic about swimming; the offices on offer are bewildering and accordingly every guest is allowed to seek after their favored distraction however they see fit. Dazzling shorelines line the shore and thick invulnerable wilderness raises up until the point that the sand keeps it from infringing further. Take to the water and appreciate an essential watercraft trip; glancing back at the drift will offer you a mind boggling scene of this wonderful stretch of coastline. Around evening time, gutsy guests can sanction a vessel to share in some crocodile locating!

6. Niah National Park

Niah National Park

Amazing! This great national stop is well worth visiting for the awesome holes contained inside its limits. The complex of caverns has indications of human residence going back more than 40,000 years and all things considered it is a critical archeological site in Malaysia. Earthenware, tomahawks, adornments and different apparatuses from over the centuries have been found inside the hollows vouching for their dependable interest to people as a place for sanctuary and assurance. The holes themselves are shocking to investigate and the particular topographical arrangements are glorious to see. Outside, the flourishing fauna and verdure stops all of a sudden before the shade of the holes unfit to proceed with their development. The juxtaposition of the warm and inviting life-filled woodlands with the disheartening and cool holes makes Niah National Park an extraordinary place to visit.

5. Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park

Otherworldly to see, the thick and abusive foliage of the wilderness sews in on either side of you before offering approach to stunning perspectives of the encompassing region as you achieve one of the recreation center’s elevated pinnacles. The rocky zone has various cascades and streams tucked away among its backwoods and these offer guests a reviving break after the strenuous treks. While the grand stop is well worth visiting in itself, the fundamental draw for guests are the mind blowing rafflesia; the world’s biggest bloom. These enormous and one of a kind blossoms are exceptional to see and are the undoubted feature of Gunung Gading National Park.

4. Bako National Park

Bako National Park

With wonderful and particular shake arrangements and ocean curves turning their way up out of the water, Bako National Park is home to some completely superb sights that give a false representation of its little size. The winding ways of the recreation center advance through various dazzling scenes that are simply holding up to be investigated as thick rainforest, immaculate shorelines and staggering cascades make up only a portion of its beautiful perspectives. Just open by vessel, the voyage and landing in the extraordinary and isolated shoreline of Bako make this national stop definitely justified even despite a visit.

3. Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park

A standout amongst the most vital biodiversity hotspots on the planet, Kinabalu has a spectacular scope of fauna and greenery for guests to delight in. With more than 4500 unique composes on show, the bounty of life springs out at you from each side and in the thick undergrowth the stirs and developments of its hid winged creatures and creatures can be heard. Named after the mountain that gave it its name, Kinabalu is really the tallest mountain on the island remaining at more than 4000 meters in stature. Regardless of being a standout amongst the most prominent stops in Malaysia, the national stop is brilliantly immaculate and immaculate.

2. Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara has everything. Regardless of whether you are after life-changing climbing, loosening up angling or finding out about the nearby culture; this national stop truly has something for everybody. With one of the most established tropical rainforests on the planet, its fauna and vegetation radiate a sentiment of agelessness that saturates everything, backing off time and giving you more vital minutes to appreciate the recreation center. For an excellent perspective of the woodland beneath, walk problematically along the limited shade walk that stretches between the trees and conceals itself among the encompassing foliage. Wandering its woodlands down underneath are savage Malayan Tigers, cryptic Asian elephants and the subtle Malayan gaur; which are all ensured inside the limits of the recreation center. A fantastic method to spend an evening is to take to the Tembeling River and float your way through the rainforest, looking at all of the regular ponder before you. Quiet and unwinding, Taman Negara should be experienced to be comprehended.

1. Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

Named after the great Mount Mulu, this national stop is remarkable for the abundance of astounding view and shocking scenes on show. Remote and generally distant, the main approaches to achieve it are via plane or by riverboat; it doesn’t make a difference how you arrive similarly as long as you do! The old karst arrangements are what Gunung Mulu National Park is fundamentally known as throughout the centuries they have hurled a mind boggling exhibit of astonishing rock developments. With natural hollows, bluffs and gulches astoundingly carving their way through the undergrowth of the recreation center, the view basically should be believed to be accepted. Immense caverns dab the zone and in undeniable reality Sarawak Chamber is the biggest known chamber on the planet. Extending everlastingly, the psyche boggles at its giant size. Hypnotizing and extraordinary, this national stop in Malaysia is certainly worth the effort!

Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

Picture blinding white sand bordered by bendy palm trees on an unfilled shoreline. Or on the other hand envision the smell of grilled fish drifting over the brilliant orange drift as a tangerine dusk enlightens the sky. Culture Trip investigates where to get these encounters and more on shorelines close Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.


most beautiful beaches in sabah borneo
Tanjung Aru is Kota Kinabalu’s shoreline perfect world. Copper-orange sand embraces a palm-tree bordered stop. Nearby families utilize the free grilling offices and safe house on the seats amid the infrequent storm. The shoreline close Kota Kinabalu International Airport pulls in families and sun-cherishing voyagers. Expedite your towel and lie the shoreline. Or then again take a dip in the warm, delicate South China Sea (keep your eyes open for jellyfish). The genuine show begins later. The sublime tangerine nightfall makes a burst of hues over the islands seemingly within easy reach. In the correct conditions, expect a mix of oranges, purples and reds. Star tip: Download the Grab Car application and get a private driver to this shoreline close Kota Kinabalu for a couple of ringgits.


most beautiful beaches in sabah borneo
Manukan Island lies 15 minutes by ship from Kota Kinabalu’s Jesselton Point. Out of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park’s five islands, the 1.6-kilometer (one mile) delicate, white sand of this one draws in shoreline darlings. Thick wilderness sprinkled with palm trees fringes the sand while nervy macaques watch from the branches. Venture into the unmistakable, greenish blue water and snorkel over vivid coral and its a huge number of inhabitant tropical fish. Simply don’t leave anything unattended – the macaques are famous cheats. Dissimilar to different shorelines close Kota Kinabalu, Manukan Island gives toilets, changing offices and an eatery. Expert tip: If you need to go swimming, purchase gear in Kota Kinabalu and bring it along as opposed to leasing on Manukan.


most beautiful beaches in sabah borneo
Pantai Dalit is a piece of the tasteful Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort around a little ways from Kota Kinabalu. Aside from a white-sand shoreline kept up to the most astounding guidelines, in excess of 400 sections of land of rainforest encompass the resort. Go through the night with an ocean see room (suggest joining the Night Safari). Or on the other hand visit on multi day trek and pay to utilize their offices. Water sports, swimming and dusk mixed drinks in the Sampan Bar are top choices.


48 hours in Kuala Lumpur
College Malaysia Sabah sprawls over Kota Kinabalu’s upper east rural areas. Holed up behind the lofty slopes and maze of streets lies a hid stretch of coastline. Guests need to battle their way through the wilderness vegetation before achieving the relatively mystery white-sand inlets. Visit bunches convey guests to a vantage point by the dock for photos, yet they once in a while dare to the vacant shorelines. We prescribe taking Grab Car to this shoreline close Kota Kinabalu to encounter your very own stretch of private coastline. Star tip: Combine an outing to the shoreline with a hour finding out about marine protection at UMS’s adjacent aquarium.


most beautiful beaches in sabah borneo
For a detached shoreline close Kota Kinabalu, take the ship to Survivor Island. Pulau Tiga(translating to Three Islands) sits around 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Kota Kinabalu. In the wake of facilitating the debut Survivor series, the little island in the South China Sea turned into a magnet for courageous voyagers. Take multi day trip from Jesselton Point and offer the detached Pagong and Asmara Beaches with a bunch of different beachgoers. In any case, in the event that you spend the night at Pulau Tiga Gaya Island Resort, you’ll nearly have the island to yourself.

Things to Do in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu is a fortune trove of experience and ponder. Voyagers of this city can investigate from rich rainforests, perfectly clear waters, staggering mountain crests, to the contemporary scene of the city’s design and legacy.

Mount Kinabalu

The tallest mountain in Southeast Asia and one of the most astounding trekkable crests on the planet, Mount Kinabalu is a shocking ascension and an unquestionable requirement for any swashbuckler.

Somewhat more than 4,000 meters, the trip is moderately receptive for most, and the way is well-trodden. Experienced explorers can figure out how to complete the move in multi day or two, yet it’s for the most part encouraged to take up to three days to completely adapt yourself.

Expenses for the trip run around RM $300, excluding nourishment and gear. It is best to get ready for the move before touching base, as a minute ago explorers may not be permitted to climb because of the quantity of climbers being constrained to around 135 every day.


Mount Kinabalu Park Botanical Garden

In case you’re in the territory of Mount Kinabalu, nature-sweethearts ought to make certain to advance toward the Botanical Garden. This garden is one of Kinabalu Park’s best kept privileged insights and flaunts one of the most extravagant collection of verdure on the planet, with a gauge of more than 5,000 plant species.

The Kinabalu Park Botanical Garden is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Extra charges are around RM $5 with a half rebate for guests beneath 18 years of age. Guided visits are likewise accessible at 9 a.m., 12 p.m. what’s more, 3 p.m. day by day and are very suggested for nature aficionados.

Klias River Cruise

An unwinding and dazzling approach to appreciate the woodland landscape of Kota Kinabalu is through taking a waterway voyage on the Klias River. This takes multi day stumble into the Klias Wetlands hold close Kota Kinabalu. Kick back and be blessed to receive stunning perspectives of where the stream meets the ocean and an astounding perspective of Mount Kinabalu. There, you can find the opportunity to journey through a mangrove region all while endeavoring to recognize the amazing untamed life of monkeys, feathered creatures and, in the event that you book a late-night voyage, you could be fortunate to get some mind blowing showcases of fireflies!

Mari Mari Cultural Village

In spite of the fact that not actually in Kota Kinabalu, this social town is a typical trek taken by generally guests. Arranged far from the hustling and clamoring city, Mari welcomes visitors to inundate themselves direct into the customary ways of life of the Sabahan clans.

Visits are three hours in length and enable guests to burn through a rundown of encounters; from investigating customary homes completely through culture, traditions and sustenance. The visit likewise incorporates an intuitive execution by the town society, so you can participate in the good times!

The town is a 30-minute adventure from the city, and you can orchestrate transport from your lodgings when booking.

City Mosque

While in Kota Kinabalu, don’t pass up a great opportunity the opportunity to look at the City Mosque. Arranged close to the ocean, this magnificent white mosque is a wonder of Islamic contemporary architecture and genuinely an incredible sight.

This gliding mosque has a petition lobby which houses three madrasahs and suits up to 12, 000 individuals. As lovely within as it is outwardly, voyagers can wander inside for nothing; the mosque is open for open visits day by day aside from Fridays.

Kota Kinabalu Waterfront

In case you’re searching for a place to loosen up in the wake of a monotonous day of strolling around, the Waterfront is the place to be. The whole esplanade of the Kota Kinabalu waterfront is inside strolling separation over the road of lodgings.

Along the waterfront are lines of bars and eateries and additionally a shopping center; the place wakes up around evening time and is best appreciated sitting on the footpath with beverages or new fish, while viewing the nightfall seemingly within easy reach.

Gaya Street Sunday Market

If you’re in Kota Kinabalu on a weekend, it’s definitely worth visiting this street market on an early Sunday morning. The market opens at 6 a.m., and it is best to go earlier to beat both the heat and the crowds.

Gaya Street is a good place to go souvenir shopping; local stall holders sell all sorts of interesting knick-knacks such as crafts, clothes and antiques. Be aware that prices can be hiked up, so it’s time to flex those bargaining muscles to land a good deal.

Muzium Sabah

For the culture lover, this museum shouldn’t be missed. Packed with information on the diverse aspects of Sabahan culture, visitors can browse through sections such as the ceramics and pottery, natural history, ethnography, all peppered with colourful displays and even animal exhibits.

Also on the museum grounds is a Heritage Village where visitors can enter and experience different types of traditional houses of the various indigenous groups of Sabah. Admission fees for the museum are priced at RM $15, and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Accessible through a 20-minute speedboat ride from Kota Kinabalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is a playground for the adventurous. The Marine Park consists a cluster of islands: Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug.

Each of these islands offer a plethora of activities; Gaya and Manukan are the most tourist-equipped and the best islands for leisurely beach strolls and a quick swim. You can even opt to stay in one of the resorts here as an island getaway from the city.

Diving and Snorkeling

A standout amongst the most famous activities while in Kota Kinabalu, is to go making a plunge the perfectly clear seas of the islands. As a straightforward and brisk choice, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park offers an assortment of plunge spots at different islands and notwithstanding swimming spots for those aren’t authorized to jump.

Authorized jumpers who need to a greater extent a test can search out autonomous plunge visits and make a beeline for the famous plunge recognizes that suit your style of jumping.

For the individuals who need to begin jumping, start your voyage here and agree to accept PADI-ensured plunging courses through one of the numerous administrators. These courses last around three days, and effectively finishing a course will allow you a jumper’s confirmation that can be used .