Things Not To Do In Dubai

Things Not To Do In Dubai

Things Not To Do In Dubai

There are many pages in our blog telling you where to visit and what to do in Dubai. But from our own personal experience, we would love to tell you which Things Not To Do In Dubai. While visiting different places and enjoying the local culture is one of the best way for first-time visitors, awkward and unnecessary situations can be avoided if you have done some research before visiting the country.


1. Cross-dressing will land you in jail with significant fines levied.

Dubai is a conventional and conservative community. Dubai is hostile towards homosexualism. Dressed up as opposite sex is considere as being gay. In the year of 2008, police detained more than 30 cross dressed tourists.


2. Don not show excessive affection in public.

Many local peoples (particularly traditional Muslims) cease from showing extreme love and affection out in open public areas. Hugging and kissing in trains, buses and taxis are not allowed even prohibition sticker is pasted on them. A peck on the cheek is fine for most people, but do not show too much love.


 3. Illegal to stay together in a hotel if you are not married.

Staying together can result in imprisonment, fine and deportation. However many hotels in Dubai do not enforce on ‘only married couples’ rule. But at check-in time in these hotels, guests will need to show their passports.


4. Drinking in public is prohibited.

Drinking in public places is a punishable crime. Which might be in sort of fines, imprisonment, or perhaps deportation. Drink only at your private place or at a bar.


5. Using the left hand to eat is viewed as unclean.

The left hand is viewed as impure and unclean in all Arab societies as the left hand is utilized for cleaning oneself after visiting the restroom. On the off chance that you are a left-handed individual, you should try learning to use both hands.


6. Do Not Eat In Public During Ramadan.

On the off chance if you are visiting Dubai during the blessed month of Ramadan, you should  know that eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed in the open from day to sunset, when the Muslims in the city are fasting. No, you can’t even take little snack in your own car or even chew gum or mouth-freshner in public places.

However, you can eat in your hotel room or restaurants where they have screened off the eating region for visitors to eat without being noticed. Kids and pregnant ladies are permitted to eat, however it is ideal to be careful than to insult anyone.


7. Do Not Disrespect The Royal Family In Public

You will undoubtedly build up specific assessments while visiting another nation, and on the off chance that you are venturing out to Dubai out of the blue, you might have some opinion about the culture, the royal family, the laws, the politics, the people, etc.

Yes, it is natural but you must not discuss them openly in the public. It is not okay in Dubai to openly mock, criticize, or insult the Royal family, the politics, the culture, the laws, and the religion in public. They take these matters very seriously and a defaulter can be severely fined and punished.


8. Do not show OK sign.

After eating the best kebabs of your life, you might want to show ok sign to the chef, but do not even think about it. It is regarded as an offensive gesture because it denotes the evil eye.  Licking the plate clean is better than showing ok sign or you can tip them.


9. Pointing the sole of your shoe in the direction of an Arab is viewed as an insult.

The shoe is viewed as filthy in light of the fact that it is on the ground and connected with the foot, the lowest part of the body. So ensure that when you sit with crossed legs, sole of your shoe do not point towards an Arab.


For more information visit Dubai DMC.


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