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Traders Market in Aarhus

Traders Market in Aarhus

Traders Market in Aarhus

Denmark’s top traders set up their stalls at the Aarhus Traders Market at ‘Tangkrogen’. The majority of the traders have taken part over many years, yet new ones join each year.

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More than 200 merchants will fill their stalls with all things under the sun, and if you are searching for a blown glass bottle for that traditional Danish spiced aquavit, an old Tintin comic collection, a tasty soft ice, a hot dog, the Aarhus Marching or Concert Band, a conventional Amagerhylde triangular rack, ballons, popcorn, music and brew tents, an antique cake fork, music shows, or three open rye sandwiches at just DKK 25, or on the off chance that you basically appreciate the company of many other individuals then Tangkrogen is the spot for you.

The Aarhus Traders Market has been held since 1989, and every year it makes a donation to the Lions Club for philanthropic work in Aarhus, in Denmark, and undoubtedly the whole world.

Opening hours / Date

Thursday – Sunday : 21/05/2020 – 24/05/2020

Entry Ticket

40 DKK for adults

For more information visit Europe DMC.


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