Ingerslev Torv in Aarhus

Ingerslev Torv

Ingerslev Torv in Aarhus

Experience the environment in the open sky, and complete a decent deal. The square sale at Ingerslev Torv offers fresh products and heaps of environment from around 60 stalls. Most of the items are home made by little and big producers.

Freshly baked bread, freshly brewed coffee and fresh cheeses. Bring the entire family and be enticed as you stroll down the stalls of the most wonderful fragrance of freshly prepared bread from the bakery and naturally fermented espresso from the Torve bistro. And afterward there is the smooth home-made dessert and an especially large selection of natural items of various categories.

You can discover fresh fruits and vegetables, blossoms and herbs in abundance. Furthermore, fresh fishes, meat, for example sheep and poultry from the butcher, cheeses and nectar.
Browse the market and purchase few items and converse with local people and merchants.

The market on Ingerslevs street happens on Wednesday and Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00

For more information visit Europe DMC.

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