Gruz market in Dubrovnik

Gruz market

Gruz market in Dubrovnik

The principle market in Dubrovnik for natural products like fruits and vegetables and fish. Gruz market is bigger and less expensive than the one in the Old Town Gunduliceva poljana. Customers and visiors visit here near the ship terminal from early in the morning in the hope of locating the best items. Converse with sellers and learn about their culture. You can even find the best cabbage for zelena menestra i.e cabbage, smoked pork and potato.

You can also find goats cheddar, the best eggs for rozata (the neighborhood variant of creme caramel) and orange cake, oranges from Lopud. Costs are for the most part fixed and wrangling doesn’t will in general occur. Prices are fixed in this market but still you can negotiate and can get a discount when the market is closing.
If you love fish then visit the market early in the morning around 7AM. The stock differs everyday, however Fridays is generally the best. In spite of the fact that everybody here complains about the typical cost for living nowadays, the most costly fish starting from 100kn a kilo disappears rapidly rapidly.

For more information visit Europe DMC.

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